Dispatches from Team Durham HQ

Tab TV takes you on an exclusive look around Team Durham’s pre season preparations

After a long summer break, the ‘sporting elite’ of Durham University returned to their training headquarters at Maiden Castle. Whilst some looked lean and had clearly been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to show off their new found fitness and rigs at Durham’s sporting mecca. Others rather sheepishly stumbled into view, potentially having enjoyed one too many Laos and Tiger Beers during their summer vacation.

The Hockey Club were the first to arrive at the end of August. Surely inspired by a GB Womens Bronze Medal at London 2012, the girls got to work early doors. Relishing aerobic activities like the infamous St Andrews cross on the pitch, whilst also experiencing success with their male counterparts off the pitch. No doubt enjoying a few cheeky ‘LOVESHACK’ moments.

The next to arrive in early September was the Rugby Club. Suffering from a mass exodus of players from ‘The Invincibles’ era, it was always going to be a preseason focussing on rebuilding for DURFC. After a gruelling first week in the gym, on the track and up the hills moral levels were given a necessary boost in week two with the return of the Lacrosse girls … With a few of the blonde freshers and some experienced campaigners particularly catching the eye, the rugby boys were suddenly upbeat and brimming with confidence seemingly finding a new purpose in their stride.

Accompanying the return of the Lacrosse girls was the arrival of the football boys, the badminton club, the basketball club and the volleyball club. Nevertheless we must apologise, filming had finished before the much anticipated arrival of DUWRFC.