You Are What You Eat: Top 12 Brain Foods

JENNY DELL nips down to Tesco to get stock up with revision essentials…

exam food revision

So it’s back to that time of year again when the population of Durham relocates to the library, desperate to fill our brains with all the knowledge we were meant to have acquired over the last year.

After yet another two terms of a liquid diet, our poor brains are in desperate need of some nutrition. The brain uses up to 20% of our energy at rest, and so it’s essential that we give it the right stuff.

Always serving the students of Durham, The One has tracked down the top twelve brain foods to get you through the revision period.

1. Pumpkin Seeds
A handful will give you all your daily requirement of zinc, which enhances memory and thinking skills.
Cost: £1.75

2. Blueberries
Have been seen is tests to improve short term memory loss.
Cost: £1.99 on half price at Tesco

3. Sage
Has been long rumoured to improve memory, but apparently it’s not just an old wives’ tale. Sage boosts levels of the chemical that transmits messages to and from the brain.
Cost: £1.58

4. Fish
Sea swimmers, such as tuna and mackerel contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which aid concentration. Also available as fish oil supplements, potentially the worst tasting substance in existence. Avoid.
£3.99 for four cans of tuna

5. Chewing Gum
Can improve memory recall by up to 35%. Apparently you can also improve your memory just by pretending to chew, but you might look a bit strange.
Cost: £2.50 for two five packs of Extra

6. Honey
Lowers anxiety and improves memory. Sweet.
Cost: £1.88

7. Sweet Potatoes
A good source of carbohydrate without the spike in sugar that leads to a nasty crash afterwards. Also contain beta-carotene, which improves cognitive function. Shame I used the joke for the last one.
Cost: £1.28/kg

8. Tea
A good brew contains antioxidants called ploy-phenols, which improve cognitive function, memory and gives a caffeine kick to boot.
Cost: £1.15 for 80 tea bags

9. Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower
Research has found that people who eat these do better in memory tests.
Cost: £0.50 for a head of broccoli

10. Bacon & Eggs
A good fry-up or sandwich provides you with all the nutrients you need to manufacture plenty of serotonin, which combats anxiety, and leaves you serene and content.
Cost: Half a dozen free-range (think of the chickens!) eggs and a pack of smoked bacon will set you back £3.85

11. Curry
Contains turmeric, providing a dose of curcumin, which removes plaque from the brain. Revision flossing, if you will.
Cost: £1.70 for a Tikka Masala and rice, bit more if you want the real deal.

12. Milk Chocolate
Nothing like a bit of chocolate for a quick mood boost. This is caused by the presence of anandomide, a molecule resembling the addictive substance found in cannabis. Chocolate boosts dopamine levels, making you happier, and also is said to improve verbal and visual memory.
Cost: £0.30 Tesco Value, no need for frills when it comes to chocolate.

So, all in all, a tasty mix. And only £22.47 to feed that little brain and guarantee* exam success.

*The One takes no responsibility for your exam performance, nor for any odorous library disturbances as a result of numbers 9 and 11. You have been warned.