The Great Supporters’ March

A possible plan for the Supporters Army

durfc Pubs Richmond Twickenham

This Wednesday sees an historic day for Durham University Sport, with the top two teams in Durham Rugby involved in cup final action. Many will be planning on going to Twickenham to see if the 1s will be successful in retaining their crown.

However, the day is not just about the 1s. Whereas the top team are playing Hartpury at 1500, the 2s are in action at 1100. This means that there's no reason not to watch our 2s boys at the fantastic Richmond Athletic Ground.


So here is a possible military plan for our Supporters army:

1240: Having witnessed the DURFC 2s smash UWE and bask in the glory of their cup final victory, many will wonder how they are going to get to Twickenham. 


The bus routes are not convenient and tube stations are few and far between in south west London. So what to do? As any army does, we shall march.


Such a large army will need refreshment:


1250: The Sun Inn, a stone's throw from the Athletic Ground, is a renowned rugby pub and could provide a fantastic watering hole.


1330: The Ailsa Tavern, another rugby pub, situated on St Margaret's Road, could provide a perfect place to refuel for those wilting in the springtime sunshine.


1410: Finally, The Turk's Head, a short stagger from Ailsa, is a famous meeting spot for those going to Twickenham, and on Wednesday Durham supporters could carry on this rich tradition.


1445: Arrive at Twickenham prior to seeing the jewel in the crown of DURFC trample all over Hartpury to retain the prestigious BUCS cup.



Of course, events on the ground may alter plans, but provided we amass a huge group at Richmond, we will prevail!