The Artist

Silent film that’s a feast for the eyes and the soul

black and white film review oscars silent film the artist

Proof that actions really do speak louder than words: ‘The Artist’ might be the most satisfying film ever. It’s up for a bunch of Oscars, and deservedly so.

Not only is it black and white and beautiful, but funny, touching, and sharp as 20s fashion. Starting as a film within a film, it proceeds to chart the decline of both silent cinema and its former star, George Valentin, as the new age of the ‘talkies’, represented by love interest Peppy Miller, overtakes him.

There’s something about a silent film that manages to be at once nostalgic and refreshing, and it’s not just novelty value. You focus on the faces; it helps that the leads are unknown (or they were until now) so you’re not distracted by Jude Law’s hairline receding before your eyes.

Needless to say the music is incredible – so incredible that you don’t even miss other sounds, let alone dialogue – although look out for the amazing sequence which begins with a glass…

Remember when films were stories and not just blockbusters? Go and see ‘The Artist’!