St Andrews Raunchy Rectors

St Andrews has had its share of outrageous Rectors. The One brings you the best.

Raunchy Rectors st andrews

The One bring you the best of a scandalous lot. If only Durham was as colorful. 


Fridtjof Nansen, Rector from 1925-1928. In short a promiscuous man.


Nansen has done it all, circumnavigating the globe, winning a Nobel Peace, searching for the North-East passage. Other hobbies include pruning his mustache or taking raunchy pictures with his American lovers. 


Nansen, 67 at the time, was sending these photos to a girl 30 years his junior.


This information has been revealed in a new book Brenda, My Darling which celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Nansen’s birth. 


other notaries include Arthur James Balfour: author of the controversial Balfour Declaration.

Fredrick Hamilton: claimed that a ghost saved his life from a falling elevator.

Douglas Haig: a brave but suicidal man that walked thousands of British soldiers to their deaths in no man’s land during World War I. 

Robert Boothby: a promiscuous bisexual who had an illicit affair with cat burglar Leslie Holt. It was also alleged that Boothby took part in wild homosexual orgies.