‘Black Lives Matter c***s’: Coventry students racially abused outside Code accommodation

It happened on Saturday night

Coventry students were subjected to racial abuse last weekend as a white man shouted “Black Lives Matter c***s” at them as they were getting a taxi at 11:30 on Fairfax Street outside CODE accommodation. A video was filmed by the students from inside the taxi.

The video, which can be seen on The Coventry Tab Instagram story, shows two girls in a taxi arguing with a white man. The man can be seen leaning out of his car window shouting aggressively as someone sitting in the passenger seat.

The two girls can also be heard screaming as they try to shut the door. The man then blocks the students from closing the door with his hands whilst shouting “Black Lives Matter, you fucking prick”. The door is then slammed shut and the man disappears and drives away from the camera as the video ends.

Cheyenne said: “The driver of the vehicle started shouting at her, calling names. The Ola driver rushed to the front to drive off, but the man in the car reversed and OPENED THE OLD CAR DOOR FROM HIS CAR WINDOW and started shouting racial slurs at us, “you black b*tch/c*nts” etc.

“All of us were very shaken and the Ola driver drove off. The car was in front and kept stopping to try and get the Ola to crash into the back of him”.

“We are still all very shaken because this man nearly hit my friend, he was incredibly intoxicated and he was so racist. We need him to lose his licence and he should be charged”.

She then praises the Ola driver saying: “The driver you sent was amazing and helped us out so much!”

Cheyenne told The Coventry Tab that she is still waiting for an update from the police. The Coventry Tab have also approached West Midlands Police for a comment.