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A Cov lecturer has made racist remarks about South Africans and Bulgarians

He allegedly said it’s okay for human experiments to be carried out on South Africans and Bulgarians


Coventry University is investigating a lecturer after he allegedly made offensive jokes about Bulgarians and South Africans during a lecture yesterday.

A student has claimed the lecturer said it is okay to perform human experiments on Bulgarians and South Africans, implying they are below rats. He also allegedly said there are only two genders and joked about accepting bribes for an in class test. His comments apparently lead to "awkward silences" during the Add+vantage lecture.

A Bulgarian student, who was in the lecture posted on Facebook about the incident, described the lecturer as an "old miserable human". They claim he went on to say: "Do you want to stay longer for more insults?" instead of apologising when confronted about his remarks.

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Two more students, who were also in the lecture, spoke to The Tab on condition of anonymity.

Mark* told The Tab: "He made quite a lot of jokes towards Bulgarians and South Africans and that he will accept bribes for the incoming test. At first it was funny but after a few more tries things became a bit cringe and offensive."

He added: "He did try to make the seminar funny but not many people found it that way. He did make a lot of unwanted jokes about bribing and genders and at some point he came aware that this was going a bit too much, even his colleague came to talk with him.

"But after the session ended he tried to tell me a joke about Poles, Bulgarians and elephants but told me that it will be best if Google it."

Kate* said: "He said how social sciences are rubbish and not real science," adding: "My three years at uni have been amazing. But after this lecture I was so angry."

Coventry University have launched an investigation into the lecturer, telling The Tab: “As a university we’re committed to providing a tolerant and inclusive environment for our students and staff, and we take any allegations of remarks made by members of our community which run contrary to these principles very seriously.

"Where such allegations have been made, we will carry out a full investigation and take appropriate action.”

The Coventry Bulgarian Society, African Students and the lecturer in question have been contacted for comment.

*Names have been changed at the request of the students involved.