Anti-monarchy protestors gathered at Cardiff Castle to oppose the King’s ascension

One sign read ‘Not Our King!’

On Sunday, anti-monarchy protestors gathered at Cardiff Castle to protest the ascension of King Charles III. One sign pictured read : “Not our King, it’s colonial subjugation of the Welsh People”.

The protestors joined the masses of people who were there to experience the event at the castle and were heard shouting “Not our King!” and “It’s colonial subjugation of the Welsh People” in both English and Welsh, Nation Cymru reported.

This protest follows another one in Edinburgh at the new King’s ascension ceremony there. During the protest in the Scottish capital, one 22-year-old woman was arrested for breach of the peace.

There were no arrests reported in Cardiff.

Thousands of people had gathered at the castle to witness the event with 2,000 people being admitted to the castle grounds to watch the ascension take place. The event included a proclamation, a march by the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Welsh and the Band of the Royal Welsh, as well as readings and a 21-gun salute.

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