What Christmas song is your Cambridge college?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Bridgemas


Bridgemas is fast approaching: your formal is booked, your Secret Santa is arranged, and the lights are sparkling down Sidney Street. All you need now is a playlist to get you in the ultimate festive mood – but what if your college could decide that for you?

Christ’s – Thank God It’s Christmas (Queen)

Free from the shackles of the library, Christ’s students should add this to their playlist immediately in celebration of the impending Christmas break and study respite. But will they use the holidays as time off or as prep for Lent term? Probably the latter.

Churchill – Stop the Cavalry (Jona Lewie)

“Hey, Mr. Churchill”- get it?

Girton – Lonely This Christmas (Mud)

Sending festive cheer from afar to all the lonely Girton students this Bridgemas. As compensation, this underrated college gets an underrated Christmas bop.

Homerton – Christmas Tree Farm (Taylor Swift)

A happy and carefree song to get all the festive, friendly Homerton students in the Christmas spirit.

Baby, baby, Merry Bridgemas (Image Credits: Ruby Livingston)

Jesus – Mary’s Boy Child (Boney M)

Named after Mary’s Boy Child, Jesus really has no excuse not to belt this one out at their Bridgemas bop.

King’s – Walking in the Air (Aled Jones)

This is a song the choir can really get its teeth into.

Murray Edwards – 8 Days of Christmas (Destiny’s Child)

An edgy and hip choice for all the cool Medwards girlies who will be serving this Bridgemas.

Festive x (Image Credits: April O’Neill)

Newnham – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Phoebe Bridgers)

A melancholic, haunting song for all those unbearably cool Newnham students. Perfect for a misty morning walk to Sidge.

Queens’ – Last Christmas (Wham!)

This is Stephen Fry’s favourite Christmas song, so Queens’ students can feel free to keep bringing their alumni up by ensuring this is in pride of place on their Bridgemas playlist.

Sidney Sussex – Christmas Lights (Coldplay)

Being right by the lights of Sidney Street and featuring its own lit-up bike display, Sidney Sussex already seems to be channelling the energy of this song.

A very Cambridge light display (Image Credits: Maya Gould)

Robinson – Merry Christmas (Ed Sheeran & Elton John)

A modern hit for Cambridge’s most modern college. Both soon-to-be classics for sure!

Trinity – All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

The most populated college gets the most popular Christmas song that tops the worldwide charts every year. They are also both just slightly annoying for everyone listening to them too x

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