Cambridge University students walk out of lectures in pro-Palestine protest

Students leave lectures in solidarity with Gaza


Members of the public and students took part in a protest on the Cambridge humanities site at 11.45am on Friday 10th November, walking out of their lectures and sitting on the floor outside the Squire Law Library.

Image Credits: Iris Rogers

The protest was part of a national student walkout and sit in on Thursday 9th November and Friday 10th November, calling for “institutions to demand an immediate ceasefire [in Gaza] now”. This protest follows Israel’s military attack and air strikes, which have killed and wounded Palestinian civilians.

Protesters at the student walkout chanted “free, free Palestine” and “we are all Palestinians” while holding flags, posters and fliers with the names of families and missing persons. Other chants included “Israel is a terror state” and “end the siege on Gaza now”.

Photo Credits: Iris Rogers

The protest was attended by students, local people and PalSoc, the CU Palestine Solidarity Society. Posters were handed out and a Palestinian flag was held up at the front of the crowd. Cambridge PalSoc made an Instagram post outlining its demands including “end UK complicity in and funding for, Israel’s genocide in Gaza”.

Image Credits: Iris Rogers

One student who is not affiliated with PalSoc told The Cambridge Tab: “I’m Palestinian and my family was displaced. We’ve been living in a refugee camp”. She described the impact of this as feeling as if her and her family are “in exile”.

When asked what her goal for protesting was, she said the purpose of the protest was “acknowledgment that we are here” and another student added “if we have anything we have a voice”.

At the end of the walkout, protesters were encouraged to join further action by marching in London to show solidarity with the civilians impacted by the conflict.

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