Five things to do this Cambridge Bonfire Night

Remember, remember!

As the years go by, I’m starting to question the cultural significance bonfire night. I’m not saying Guy Fawkes had a point, but I’m not not saying Guy Fawkes had a point. Either way, it’s a fun chance to do something different and start defrosting the Bridgemas spirit.

1. Attend Bonfire Night at Midsummer Common

It’s worth pointing out that this is on the 4th, not the 5th November – so don’t show up a day late! Check it out here. It’s free, fun, and the fireworks are amazing.

Image credit: Sophie Tallon

2. Get a hot chocolate

There’s nothing better than watching fireworks wrapped up in cosy layers whilst drinking a hot chocolate. Maybe try a Jack’s hot chocolate instead of an ice cream, or try Knoops where you can decide the percentage of chocolate used in your drink.

3. Get creative in the gyp

Buy some apples, melt some chocolate and fridge. Easy. Don’t let the lack of an oven stop you from trying something different from pesto pasta. Have a go at making a new dish or fun wintery-themed sweet treat. Smores anyone?

4. It’s Bridgemas, baby

In my opinion, Christmas can begin after Bonfire Night. Start queuing Mariah Carey, buy some tinsel and let the countdown to Bridgemas begin…

5. Go ice-skating

November is officially winter in my eyes, and so it’s time for winter fun. Get a group of friends together and head over to Cambridge ice skating rink for something different from working in a coffee shop and drinking in Spoons!

Feature Image Credits: Sophie Tallon

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