Reinventing yourself in Cambridge

Do you need a refresh? Is your life in need of something new or exciting? Don’t know where to begin, read this

Change is inevitable and if you know anyone who’s studied at university before, you’ll know just how much they can change in this short amount of time. Whilst the main aim of coming here is supposed to be studying, this is a time of personal, social and professional growth. If you can squeeze it in (and I recommend that you do) it is a great time to have fun, experiment and try something new. Be it a new style, joining a new club or putting yourself out there and dating.

Think about who you were last month, last year, and at the start of your course. If you cringe when thinking back to those moments, then you’re not alone. I once decided to get a full fringe and instantly regretted it. Throwback to Hannah Montanna and months of clipping it to the side as it grew out (it was worse than you’re imagining). But you need to change or at least be open to it, in order to grow. I see change as a really positive thing and have definitely reinvented myself many times. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure, see below for tips on reinventing yourself here at Cambridge.

Stay true to your core values and beliefs

Ensure that you stay true to your core beliefs and don’t want to change for the wrong reasons. First, you need to ask yourself why you want to change? Think about people you aspire to, what do they have that you want? Maybe it’s their confidence or attitude, maybe it’s the way they pull off winged eyeliner, maybe it’s their commitment to self-care or even their alcohol tolerance. As long as you remember that you are good enough as you are, you should absolutely have fun and try things out.

Who knew that I actually loved trains? Not me? Casually living my Hogwarts express realness.


Okay, so deciding to cut your hair may be a big step but hair usually grows back so you should be fine! What I am trying to say is that you should have fun and experiment. If it’s an image overhaul you’re looking for, why not be sustainable and try out some of the vintage shops in the city? Cue the makeover scenes from the noughties (I’m picturing the film Wild Child). Maybe it’s popping along to the next Improv class or trying a new sport. Perhaps, it’s downloading a new dating app or giving that boy in your class a chance. Push yourself and be brave. Is there anything that you secretly or desperately want to try? If so, give yourself the gift of giving it a go. If after one session, you decide that it’s not for you, you should be proud that you had the courage to try. Move on and keep going, you’ve got this.

Have fun

This should be an enjoyable experience so if you’re not having fun, you should stop. Put yourself first, and remember that you don’t need to change in any way. If you do want to change, note that it might not work out on the first attempt but think of all those stories that you’ll have. You’ll look back and think “Remember that one time I joined the Volleyball team or went to life drawing classes, it was an absolute disaster but god, how I laughed”. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Finally allowing myself to wear the fancy dress outfits that I want to because life’s too short to not dress as Bridget Jones.

Find your people

Cambridge has so many university societies and clubs so you are bound to find your tribe somewhere. If you need some support, why not drag a friend along with you or be brave and do it on your own. If you’re struggling to find anyone, reach out. Moving to a new city, at any age can be difficult so don’t give yourself a hard time. It’s perfectly fine to bounce from friendship groups until you find your people. But when you do, it will all be worth it.

You might just surprise yourself and meet some incredible people, like these women at CURUFC.

Remember, reinventing yourself is just an opportunity to have fun and play. Who cares if it doesn’t work out, you can just try again and again. It’s that simple!

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