10 reasons to join the Cambridge Tab

10 actually very good reasons to join the most read Cambridge student newspaper (includes a lot of free stuff)

With the dreaded January return rearing its head this Lent term, it’s time to find something to bring joy into your life. That means it’s only fitting to channel your new procrastination-driven hyper-fixations to a new society: the Tab. The Cambridge Tab is a place to release all your angst and opinions, along with being at the forefront of breaking news and interviewing some incredible people.

No experience is necessary in writing (I say that as an engineer myself). Covering theatre and culture, interviews, news, features and opinions, if there’s something you want to write, you can. Our social media team is also a great platform for content or trying to get TikTok famous.

Applications are open now and we encourage anyone with any level of experience from any year group to apply!

So, here are 10 reasons to seriously join the Tab:

1. One of Cambridge’s biggest newspapers

Firstly, the Tab is Cambridge’s most-read student newspaper. With around 2 million site views just last year, you can expect usually hundreds if not thousands of views per article. Your articles can even be picked up by Tab National which has a media reach across the country. In recent years, our stories have even been picked up by the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail! So if you want to be a journalist or have some top bragging rights, this is definitely an incentive.

2. Free tickets to shows

Join the Theatre and Culture team to get a taste of the Cambridge theatre scene and pick up a few free tickets on the way… With the only condition being to turn in a review of the show within 24hrs, it is a great opportunity to see future actors, comedians, or musicians on stage.

Image Credits: Michelle Crees

3. Free Jacks Gelato

Written the most popular article of the week? Covered a major news story or just written some great original content? One writer each week will get the ever sought after prize of a free Jacks Gelato voucher; perfect for when you truly give up in the library and need a guilt-free break.

4. Flexibility around you

Unlike other papers, we have no minimum article turnover and make sure to work around you. Your senior team will make sure to encourage anything you want to write about, yet, if you need a break, you only need to ask. Write as much or as little as you want, we know how demanding Cambridge life can be.

5. Ranking everything you want

Whether you think the supermarkets of Cambridge or the stalls of the market square need ranking, this is the place to do it. You can affect people’s lives with your personal ranking of the Mainsbury’s white wines. If you are one of those people who constantly needs to influence others and stick to your favourites in Cambridge, this is the job for you.

6. Interview the Vamps (or someone like them)

In Cambridge, there are endless possibilities to interview amazing talent on the interviews team. From speakers at the Union such as the Vamps or Brian Cox, visiting comedians or even incredible students taking on charity awareness projects, directorial debuts and high performance sport.

Image Credits: Sophia Liversidge

7. Breaking news and investigations

Not only can you have discussions with amazing people, but also cover breaking news stories. From the strikes to the cost of the living crisis, stretch your journalism skills to uncover things you really want to know by carrying out your own investigations.

8. Create anything you want (to an extent)

If you have an idea and it is roughly linked to student life, come and write it. Whether you want to share your love of Spotify playlists, or give advice on being single in the romanticised landscape of Cambridge, apply to write for the Tab and join an amazing creative team this Lent term.

9. You will meet some lovely people

The Tab is one of the friendliest societies in Cambridge! This means that whether you have tonnes of journalism experience or absolutely none, you will be welcomed with open arms when you start.

Because we’re so warm and friendly, joining the Tab family is a great way to get to know students from other colleges all across the university.

10. Its great for the CV

If you’re looking for some great CV points or you’re a sucker for a good transferrable skill (as are most employers!), then look no further than the Tab.

With us, you will be able to develop your writing and editing skills alongside your organisational and teamwork skills.  No matter what job you want to enter, these skills look great on any CV.  We have had Tab alumni go into journalism careers, working for the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and others that have gone to work in finance, engineering, PR and marketing.

So, what have you got to lose?

You can apply here until the 19th of January. If you have any questions dm us on FacebookInstagram or email [email protected]. We’ll also be at the Refreshers’ Fair on the 16th of January where you can grab a copy of our print edition and meet our editors!

Feature Image Credits: The Cambridge Tab