I let my college daughters dye my hair

Family bonding taken to a new level


Whether you love or hate the college family system, you have to admit that finding activities to do with your college kids is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. So, if like me, you are filled with week 8 impulsivity, why not participate in one of the greatest trust exercises imaginable and let them dye your hair?

studying the instructions (Image credit: Ella Sheddick)

Week 8 blues (reds?)

Week 8 is rough for all of us. Christmas is approaching but somehow the work is only increasing. I needed to do something silly and impulsive. Luckily, two of my college daughters were feeling similarly silly and impulsive and volunteered to help me make a festive change and dye my hair red.

I want to hold the entirety of The Tab team partially responsible for this article, as this idea was born out of whole-team peer pressure at a Tab pizza social and my complete willingness to make absolutely anything into Tab content.

The process

Once the dye had been acquired and some emotional support Yule log had been provided, Amelia and Ellie set to work.

you can see the panic in my eyes (image credit: Calum Stevenson)

They took the unorthodox approach of each using one of the dye-kit-provided gloves, so they could both be as involved as possible (I have clearly taught my daughters how to share). This inevitably led to a slightly rough application. Having my ears and forehead repeatedly slapped with red dye did little to ease my anxiety about this potentially stupid decision.

the one-handed glove application was slightly rogue (Image credit: Ella Sheddick)

Dye also ended up on my hands, on their hands, on the Yule log and on the walls. My bathroom ended up looking like a crime scene and Ellie headed off to the Bridgemas sports ball with her hands dyed a festive bright red.

rip my bathroom wall (Image credit: Ella Sheddick)

The washout

The process of washing out the dye was probably when I started to reconsider my life choices. Due to their enthusiasm for participating as much as possible, it was decided that I’d stand with my head flipped over with Amelia manning the shower to rinse as much red out as possible.

Insanity in action (Image credit: Ellie Moss)

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see and every time I tried to come up for air my face got covered in water and dye. My college children were enjoying themselves a little too much.

The reveal

It actually turned out ok but less red than I expected. However, this is where week 8 silliness really kicked in. One of my friends came over and we decided that the dye job was not dramatic enough. It was time for the big chop.

Snip snip (Image credit: Calum Stevenson)

Once slightly more of my hair had been cut off than I intended, I finally felt at peace with Week 8 and was ready to start my final essay.

Hair debut at college formal (Image Credit: Amelia Huntingdon)

Sometimes all you need to make it through the final stretch of the term is the help of two enthusiastic freshers with a bottle of hair dye. 

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Feature Image Credits: Ellie Moss