The Big Squat!

Join CUID and put your glutes to the test – charitably!

This weekend I talked to Naomi Gammon from Cambridge University International Development (CUID) about their upcoming fundraiser on Monday 21st November, 9am-1pm, in aid of the Toilet Twinning campaign. This is an exciting one for sure – why miss out on an opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause and flaunt what you got to the entirety of Sidge? All details for participation can be found on the link at the bottom (ha).

Why Toilet Twinning?

Lack of access to sufficient sanitation, safe water and toilets is an issue that still impacts 1.7 billion people worldwide, and CUID wants to help change that. According to Naomi, Toilet Twinning has a particularly brilliant approach. They work with communities in need to set up village committees that explore the links between sanitation and health, engage with hygiene education and build their own latrine.

They also enable women’s voices to be heard, often for the first time. Instead of delivering a temporary solution, Toilet Twinning works to foster sustainable and long-term change.

Naomi says CUID’s motivation for the fundraiser is to financially support the campaign, raise awareness and get chatting about the importance of good sanitation – hopefully while putting on a show for the dwindling survivors of week 7.

Information via the Toilet Twinning website –

How can I help out if I can’t take part?

Of course, it would be great to see as many people as possible on Monday morning. But Naomi says that if the Week 7 workload is just too pressing then the best way to get stuck in is to spread the word and pop a donation on CUID’s JustGiving page:

There will also be a QR code linked to the page that you can scan on the day. Every £60 raised could twin a toilet in Cambridge with one in a developing country, and £1500 could twin 25 toilets, earning us the title of Twinned University!

Any amount makes a difference in helping to improve sanitation for those in poverty, so give what you can! If that means skipping your morning coffee, all the better for your own toilet.

Image via the Toilet Twinning website –

How’s the preparation going?

There’s no mental preparation for this kind of an endeavour, and I think I can agree with Naomi that her quads won’t be too happy about it. But this discomfort is minimal compared to the challenges faced daily by communities lacking basic sanitation.

It helps to know that there are plenty of supporters across Cambridge and elsewhere rooting for the 7-strong team of CUID members, who can be found on Monday armed with t-shirts, leaflets and a desire to get students engaged in fundraising. I for one will be braving the rain to get my first exercise since week 3, and so should you!

Sidgwick Site – image credits: Poppy Robinson

CUID’s latest Instagram post on the fundraiser

Feature Image via the Toilet Twinning website –

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