10 reasons to join the Cambridge Tab

No experience required to join the most popular newspaper in town!

A new year is rapidly approaching which can mean only one thing, it’s time to join a new society! And what could possibly be a better option for an eager fresher or a bored second year than joining Cambridge’s most popular student society: the Tab!

Applications are open now and crucially, no prior experience is necessary to apply.

We’re looking for enthusiastic and creative people to boost The Cambridge Tab to new levels. If you fancy getting involved, trying your hand at writing jokey guides, opinion pieces, running news investigations, making TikToks, Cambridge memes and more, The Cambridge Tab is the society for you.

So, here are 10 reasons you should join The Tab!

1. You can write about things that interest you

The Cambridge Tab is driven by a desire to empower the voices of students, from interviewing students doing brilliant things to conducting surveys of student opinions. We want to know what interests you and we want you to write about it!

There is literally no weirdest limit on articles, a point Ella can testify to. We want your weirdest, silliest ideas! From ranking Sainsbury’s wine to equating Cambridge colleges to BuzzFeed articles, there is no limit to your creativity at the Tab. If you want to write it, we will welcome it with open arms.

2. You’ll meet amazing people!

The Tab team is one of the friendliest societies in Cambridge and writing for us is a brilliant way to meet people with vastly different opinions from a range of colleges.

You’ll also get the chance to meet some really exciting people through your work, from students activists, to celebrity union speakers and university officials.

Some of the lovely people you could meet (Image credit: Ruby Cline)

3. The socials

On the note of amazing people, the Tab is a great socialising opportunity. From our writing meet-ups, weekly meetings or pizza parties this term, there are so many chances to make lifelong friends, or just meet people you will inevitably bump into in Mainsbury’s.

We are recruiting for a social sec this term so there will be some truly amazing socials coming up!

4. People will actually read what you write

We are Cambridge’s most-read student newspaper, and have 2 million site views in the last year alone! Your articles will get hundreds, if not thousands, of views.

Now, this might seem intimidating at first, but just think about your voice and opinions being shared with students all over Cambridge, if not the world. You have the opportunity to highlight and share what matters to you from a great platform.

5. Breaking news!

The Tab is one of Cambridge’s most up-to-date news sources. We are regularly the first to report on key university updates such as student occupations in lecture halls or global-firsts in climate justice. If you want to be the first to know stories to impress your group chat, join our news team.

6. Your stories can get picked up by nationals

In recent years our stories have been picked up by the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail!

Not only does this look great on your CV, but you will have bragging credits forever! You’ll also have the opportunity to write for Tab National, which has a media reach of hundreds of thousands on a daily basis.

7. You can get Tiktok famous

Fancy yourself the next Paigey (or Ruby Cline)? The Tab is the place for budding influencers to get started. Our Tiktok has 36.1k followers , our Instagram has 12.9k and our videos regularly attract millions of views.

We’re always looking for more people to join our social media team and create whatever content you can dream of.

8. The stash

Ok, everyone knows the real reason to join a society is for stash, and the Tab is no exception. If you want a chance to get your hands on some nifty Tab t-shirts or even a Tab branded lighter… sign up now! We’re also always open to more stash ideas so if you have a dream of a Tab branded hoodie, let us know.

Join us if you want a t-shirt this stylish (Image credit: Alex Egan)

9. We fit around you

Unlike some student newspapers (cough, cough), the Tab does not have a minimum number of articles we need you to write or videos you need to film. We understand how busy a Cambridge term can get and we want to be something fun that fits around your life. You can write as much, or as little as you want!

10. CV points

As well as being a recognisable organization to employers, the Tab offers you the chance to hone career skills from writing to organisation and teamwork.

Best of all, you’ll end up with a portfolio of articles that you’ve written to show future employers, no matter what the sector. Cambridge Tab alumni have gone on to work at the Daily Mail, Telegraph, but also work across PR, marketing, engineering and finance.

We’ve reached the end of the list but frankly there are millions of reasons to join the Tab! The only way to find out if you’ll love it is to sign up now!

You can apply here until the 7th of October. If you have any questions dm us on FacebookInstagram or email [email protected]. We’ll also be at the Freshers’ Fair on the 4th and 5th of October where you can grab a copy of our print edition and meet our editors!

Feature Image Credits: The Cambridge Tab