The top ten most liked Camfesses of all time

Because what else would we do with our time?

CN: Mentions of Sexual Harassment and Death

Cambridge terms can be tough, especially exam term. But a healthy dose of procrastination can be a good distraction from all that revision. You’ve probably realised by now that the Tab has a special place in our heart for a limitless source of procrastination also known as Camfess. With over 17,000 Camfesses published in the past two years, the page has provided us with so much iconic content.

As a result, it is not surprising that Camfession #17335  was a request for the definitive list of the most liked Camfesses of all time. And so, the Tab was more than happy to grant your wishes (and waste our time) by creating THE official ranking!

Excluding profile picture change posts, we’ve calculated the most interacted-with posts since Camfess’ foundation in 2018. So sit back and enjoy the greatest hits from the history of Camfess.

10th place: Announcement of online lectures (739 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

With 739 likes, this is a great place to begin our list with a nostalgic look back to the early stages of the pandemic. I wonder whether Toope knew at that point that this meant we’d all be watching our lectures at 2x speed…

9th place: Pointless complex maths (748 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

It was impossible to fit the whole post onto one screenshot, but it can be viewed in its entirety here.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that this post from the early days of Camfess has to this day been beaten by only eight others. You can’t help but admire the amount of work and thought that went into this, as well as wonder how the author knew so much about brothels in Thailand…

While those of us who aren’t STEM students (read: those of us who STEM students think will be unemployed) might fail to follow the maths, this post proves one thing: if we all put as much effort into our work as we do into Camfessing, perhaps we’d all be getting starred firsts.

8th place: Being anti-harassment (776 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

On a more serious note, this post is an excellent example of how Camfess isn’t all about jokes and memes. It’s also a place to spread important messages, and the fact that a message like this has made it into the top ten posts shows its success in doing this.

7th place: Sadness during the pandemic (779 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

Camfess is a space for Cambridge students to share how they feel, and unfortunately, students aren’t always feeling that great. That’s why posts such as this are so important for raising awareness of mental health issues and acknowledging that all reasons for mental health decline are valid, particularly in difficult times such as these.

6th place: Starting lockdown on a Thursday (796 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

I agree 100 per cent! It’s nice to know that although Boris Johnson went to the Other Place, his thoughts were with us Cambridge students during the November lockdown.

5th place: Christmas jokes (875 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

Another highly popular post from the early history of Camfess, back in 2018. It’s certainly nice to see a Cambridge student enjoying some festive fun. Then again, maybe the porters had better things to be doing on Christmas Day than answering prank calls…

4th place: Cambridge and cats (968 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

As might be expected, this post about cute animals received a very paw-sitive response from students. Un-fur-tunately for this particular Camfesser, they were wrong: dogs won the contest by a score of 447 to 304. But it was nice to see so many students engaging in im-purr-tant issues such as this and focusing their academically rigorous minds where they should.

And no apologies for the terrible puns – it wouldn’t be a  Tab Features article without them, after all.

3rd place: Support in a Pandemic (1152 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

Again turning to more serious matters, this Camfess certainly deserves a place in the top three with such a thoughtful response to one of the most tragic consequences of the global pandemic: loss of loved ones. Since 979 virtual hugs were given in response, and the post received over 1100 likes in total, the reaction to it really showed the best side of Cambridge students and how positive a force Camfess can be for those who need support.

 2nd place: Thanks to the men of Cambridge (1479 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

Another great post that shows the best side of some Cambridge men and their sensitive behaviour to ensure that women feel safer. This Camfess was shared 14 times and received very positive responses, showing just how much this kind of behaviour is needed and appreciated.

And now for the winner…

1st place: Covid Tiers (1913 likes)

Image credit: Author’s screenshot of Camfess

And I am proud to award first place to this post, with 1479 likes. As it turns out, Camfess will never let us forget those upsetting days when so many of us were trapped in the horrors of Tier 4. To be precise, 774 out of 1913 responses to this post – or around 40 per cent. Sad times.

But let’s not end on a negative. What this Camfess shows is how much has changed since December. We’re getting closer and closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are looking more positive.

And that’s all, folks! Now I’m off to run the same data analysis on Crushbridge to find out the top ten most desirable initials in Cambridge!

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please take a look at some of the various places you can receive support, brought together here by the Tab.

Feature image credit: Declan Boyd, screenshots from Camfess and The Tab

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