University of Cambridge named second most Instagrammable university in the UK

The University of Oxford stole top spot

The University of Cambridge has been named the second most Instagrammable university in the UK, according to new data analysed by the money saving app Student Beans.

I mean, how could you resist a grid post that looks like that? (Photo credit: Leeza Isaeva)

According to a press release, Student Beans have analysed over 6 million Instagram hashtags “to find the most Insta-worthy universities across the UK” and the new research ranks universities “based on the number of hashtags across Instagram.”

Cambridge ranks only behind the University of Oxford, which took first place, and together, the two universities amass over 700,000 hashtags on Instagram. The research ranks 50 UK universities in total.

Just one of the many photos of Cambridge looking gorgeous! (Photo credit: Author’s own screenshot from @pretty_little_cambridge via Instagram)

The data reveals that universities in the North of the UK dominated the ranking, securing five spaces in the top ten with the University of Leeds in third, the University of York in fifth, the University of Glasgow in sixth, Newcastle University in seventh, and the University of Sheffield in ninth.

The full top 50 ranking of the most Instagrammable universities in the UK (Photo credit: Student Beans)

Universities in the South of the UK claimed three spaces in the top ten, with King’s College London coming in at fourth place alongside Oxford and Cambridge in first and second. The Midlands claimed two spaces, with the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham coming in at eighth and tenth place respectively.

An art history student from the University of Cambridge responded to the position of Cambridge in second place: “I always knew my Cambridge photos were Instagrammable but this takes it to a new level.”

Every university in the top ten is part of the Russell Group, which are described by a press release from Student Beans as “unique institutions reserved for world class leading research universities.” There are 24 universities in the Russell Group overall.

Feature image credit: R Boed, Creative Commons License and author’s own screenshot from Student Beans