Sophie Carlin

St John’s College Cambridge commits to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

These commitments include a policy of divestment in all meaningful indirect fossil fuel investments by 2030

PETA protest outside new Cambridge Urban Outfitters shop on opening day

They aim to pressure the company into dropping animal products from its fashion lines

Cambridge’s ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom set to reopen on 25th May

The venues will still be following social distancing restrictions ‘for as long as they persist’

St Andrews principal suggests university should be allowed to join Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

A spokesperson for St Andrews stated the principal’s ‘tongue was firmly in her cheek’ when making the comment

Clare College refuses to pay £3,000 compensation to a student it wrongly suspended

The compensation was recommended for the ‘distress and inconvenience’ caused for the student

Chanel announces sustainability partnership with the University of Cambridge

During the three-year partnership, Chanel looks to draw on ‘expertise’ from across the University to ‘accelerate sustainable innovation’ at the company

University of Cambridge named second most Instagrammable university in the UK

The University of Oxford stole top spot

Creative Spotlight: Edoardo Chidichimo on making music for mental health awareness

‘This is our music, this is what we can create, this is how we’re connected’

Creative Spotlight: Flora Sharp on sewing handmade corsets

Beautiful handmade pieces to fulfil all your Bridgerton dreams

74% of surveyed students don’t have adequate WiFi: An interview with The 93% Club Cambridge

‘We really need to get this message across to the people that are controlling our futures’

Don’t hate, mitigate: A list of Cambridge Easter term exam mitigation measures by department

The measures are in addition to the university’s existing mitigation measures

Creative Spotlight: Sophie Beckingham on creative expression and identity

‘I can’t escape being that ridiculous art kid that’s walking down King’s Parade with green hair’

Pembroke commits to full divestment from fossil fuels by 2023

This follows an open letter from the student-led Pembroke Climate Justice Campaign

Creative Spotlight: Grace Beckett on dancing through Cambridge

Yes that is King’s College rooftop

Creative Spotlight: Gurleen Raj on creating an ethical fashion brand for ‘dark-skinned women’

‘Keep being a mad curious artist’

Zero Cambridge students tested positive for asymptomatic Covid-19 last week

This represents the 4058 students who participated in the programme last week

Creative Spotlight: Powdered Sugar on performing drag in Cambridge

Self-proclaimed ‘chaotic gender-fluid dumpster fire’

Creative Spotlight: Molly Bolding on creative freelancing during Covid

Molly Bolding is more than just a student- she´s extremely creative!

Creative Spotlight: Jemma Jeffery on composing music for the climate crisis

Hans Zimmer, you better watch your back

Creative Spotlight: Blanca Schofield Legorburo on painting people’s nudes

‘Self-love, warmth and community’ – sounds like my cup of tea

Student Minds Cambridge calls for ‘university-wide’ return policy for students with mental health concerns

Their open letter lists examples of students whose requests to return to Cambridge for mental health reasons were denied

King’s College wall fenced off following rising Coronavirus concerns in Cambridge

The fencing was installed on Saturday (2nd January) and will be in place for the next two weeks

Love in lockdown: A guide to Covid-era Cambridge dating

Advice from The Cambridge Tab’s very own power couple…

Movies and McDonald’s: How to liven up your lockdown

Goodbye academic gown, hello dressing gown

Pass the post-its: A definitive guide to making the most eye-catching window sign

Picasso’s got nothing on me

A fresher’s survival guide to a socially distanced Freshers’ Week

Covid called, he wants his online matriculation form back

A letter to my results day self: Everything I wish I’d known

Grab your IKEA cutlery, you’re in for a wild ride