THE RESULTS ARE IN: These are Cambridge’s Top 10 BNOCs 2021

2,773 people voted, and the results are in

Forget the SU election, it’s common knowledge by now that the most important democratic procedure of Lent term is the Tab’s annual BNOC competition. For weeks now, we’ve been refreshing the Camfess page and seeing your humble-brag shares (“hahahaha how random that I’m in the top 100 BNOC list! I’m definitely not sharing the article to let you know and prompt you to vote for me hahahaha”).

Hundreds of nominations, thousands of votes, tens of Camfesses and one BNOCsoc later, the Tab proudly presents the ten biggest names on campus this year. Grab the popcorn, you’re in for a dramatic ride:

10.  Amika George

(Image credits: Amika George)

Pronouns: She/her

College: Murray Edwards

Subject: History

Year: Third

Reason for being nominated: “Just published her first book at 21, and started a campaign at 17 that successfully lobbied the government to distribute free period products in all secondary schools.”

Nominated as most likely to: “Become Prime Minister”

9. Success Anyanwu

No description available.

(Image credits: Success Anyanwu)

Pronouns: He/him

College: Girton

Subject: Medicine

Year: Second year

Reason for being nominated: “BBC documentary and big name in college”

Nominated as most likely to: “Be on TV”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “The name. Hundred percent. Maybe also because I was lucky enough to feature in a documentary about being black at Cambridge, but ngl probably the name thing.”

Reaction to winning: “Celebrated by watching Vikings with my neighbour. Great show, 10/10, would recommend.”

8. Maya McFarlane

(Image credits: Maya McFarlane)

Pronouns: She/her

College: Pembroke

Subject: HSPS

Year: Second

Reason for being nominated: “BME campaign’s women and nb officer legend! Feel like no-one would ever have a bad word to say about her and radiates good vibes!”

Nominated as most likely to: “Become a household name”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “I guess I shout about race a lot?? so maybe that’s why. turns out aggressively plugging BME events on Facebook pays off.”

Reaction to winning: “I’m honestly so confused lmao. believe it or not, I didn’t ask anyone to nominate me, and all of my close friends said they didn’ whoever you are out there, thank you? I’m embarrazzed but I’m also a Leo, so thank you. I’ll live off this validation for the next 10 years x”

7. Amy Bottomley

(Image credits: Amy Bottomley)

Pronouns: She/they

College: St John’s

Subject: English

Year: 4th year (Double Time)

Reason for being nominated: “Amy is president of Class Act and super involved in all access-related activities around Cambridge. They’re such a ray of sunshine and always willing to help everyone. She showed me around on the open day, and I’m so glad she did. There could literally be hundreds of underrepresented students at Cambridge who are here just because of them.”

Nominated as most likely to: “buy Toope’s foot pics” or “Win the Nobel Peace Prize”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “I really hope it’s not for the Toope thirst in the Camfess comments (it’s bad enough that my granny has asked me about it). I’m guessing SU Class Act stuff, or student advocacy (ie. being a righteous loudmouth)~~ Could it just be that my name has ‘Bottom’ in? If so, I back it.”

Reaction to winning: “Honestly, it means a lot. Whilst I’m leaning towards ‘haha Bottom’ for the reason, perhaps a couple of those votes came from people who I’ve been lucky enough to have a positive impact on. I’m always happy to be a listening ear or shoulder to lean on, and if I’ve made just one person feel a little less alone in a difficult time then I’m happy. Bottom by name, sappy bastard by nature.”

6. Riva Kapoor

No description available.

(Image credits: Riva Kapoor)

Pronouns: She/her

College: Girton

Subject: Geography

Year: Third

Reason for being nominated: “She is the most annoying friend to go on a walk around Cambridge with because she will end up bumping into someone she knows every 23.6 seconds and always stops for a catch up (One time she had to stop 7 times when walking from Sidgwick to town).”

Nominated as most likely to: “Celebrate their birthday every day of the year” and “not know how to make a sandwich.”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “Flew to Dubai with the other influencers during the pandemic (I live here though).”

Reaction to winning: “Kinda offended I still haven’t been added to that groupchat?”

5. Joel Rosen

(Image credits: Joel Rosen)

Pronouns: He/him

College: Trinity Hall

Subject: History

Year: Second

Reason for being nominated: “Nicest union hack you’ll ever meet.”

Nominated as most likely to: “Get you a glass of water and sit with you on a night out if you’ve drunk too much.”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “I’d like to think its because of the Cindies smoking area or JSoc Friday night dinners but probably because of a small uncontroversial society on Bridge Street.”

Reaction to winning: “It’s not the size of your NOC that matters but how you use it. For real though, thank you to everyone who has made the past year and a half so memorable, in particular the Jews, the gays, the soft lefties, the lawyers, the Union hacklings and the beautiful inhabitants of Tit Hall.”

4. Ben Dalitz

No description available.

(Image credits: Ben Dalitz)

Pronouns: They/them

College: St John’s

Subject: Classics

Year: MPhil

Reason for being nominated: Comms Officer for LGBT+ campaign and Non-Binary Rep for womcam! Does loads of work on SU stuff, is a generally iconic person of much drama and intrigue, and adds sparkles to everyone’s lives!”

Nominated as most likely to: “Shower Senate House in glitter and sparkles to protest against the uni being awful.”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “My activism and my queerbridges”

Reaction to winning: “ =^.^=” 

3. Abdullah Khan

(Image credits: Abdullah Khan)

Pronouns: He/him

College: Clare

Subject: Architect

Year: Second

Reason for being nominated: “The Faces, duh”

Nominated as most likely to: “Run the world”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “People have probs heard of me because I’ve published a fantasy novel set here at Cambridge- available here (sorry for the shameless plug), being a tad controversial/ vocal about being LGBT, Muslim, BME and still killing it. I also did a series of sketches that I sold for charity during the first lockdown so that’s how some people know me.”

Reaction to winning: “I was a bit surprised… but obviously a huge ego boost.”

2. Kit Treadwell

CN:// Mentions of mental health and depression

(Image credits: Kit Treadwell)

Pronouns: He/him

College: St. Catharine’s

Subject: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC)

Year: Second

Reason for being nominated: “Twitter famous!”

Nominated as most likely to: “Make everyone’s day with a good tweet!”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “If you’ve heard of me it’s probably because I’m the token depressed person you know and so this is a really good chance to say that if you’re worried about yourself don’t be afraid to actively work on your mental health – it can make life so much better! The lovely team at student minds have excellent resources here.”

Reaction to winning: “BNOC? No, I think you’re confused; I do ASNC. It’s an easy mistake to make.”

1.Tara Choudhury

No description available.

(Image credits: Tara Choudhury)

In first place, the BIGGEST name on Campus this year, known by 18.8% of Cambridge students is Tara Choudhury.

Pronouns: She/her

College: Sidney Sussex

Subject: History and Politics

Year: Second year (second attempt)

Reason for being nominated: “Camfess commenter, Rent Strike Activist, overall legend”

Nominated as most likely to: “Match with Jeremy Corbyn on Hinge”

Why they think they’re considered a BNOC: “I have no idea but it’s a bit embarrassing I’ve made Top 10 BNOC for an online year lol.”

Reaction to winning: “Praying I’m not number one as I promised my mate I’d get BNOC tattooed if I won fs. Do the rest of the top 10 wanna make a group chat? Xxx”

So, there you go. The ten biggest names on campus 2021. From union hacks and thesps to Camfess top fans and period poverty activists it’s been a good one and we can’t wait to meet this year’s biggest names in a Pret queue or smoking area sometime soon!

As for all of BNOCs-which-weren’t-meant-to-be: there’s always next year I guess, and it’s never too early to start the campaign for BNOC of the year, 2022…

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