Cambridge’s Top 10 BNOCs 2020 who you’ve 100 per cent met in the Cindies’ smoking area

Cambridge’s shining icons

Here are the official Top 10 Cambridge BNOCs 2020. We’ve counted your votes and the results are in.

From CUSU poster boys to Cindies’ most skilful minglers, this list has it all. Let’s conclude the term with a look at the most iconic names and faces that just keep cropping up on your Facebook feed…

10. Nordin Ćatić – 2nd year PHD in Materials Science & Metallurgy at John’s

Wholesome boi. (Photo credit: Linde Olde Olthof)

Their reaction:

“This award definitely tops the ‘Mingler of the Year’ award that I got during my undergrad. Who knew that taking photos at every Cambridge Union and college event ‘for exposure’ would lead to this. It’s time to update my achievements on LinkedIn!”

9. Tochi Onuora – 3rd year Architect at Churchill

Imagine going through the effort of matching your outfit to the ceiling decor and not making this list. (Photo credit: Max Cooper-Clark)

Their reaction:

“We move”.

8. Tom Balderson – 3rd year Natural Sciences at Downing

That smoky smoulder tho. (Photo credit: James Todd)

Their reaction:

“Wallace with a cat would be breathtaking”.

7. Dan Simms – 1st year Mathematician at Jesus

Dan is reaching new heights. (Photo credit: Eve Bennet)

Their reaction:

“Well me and my two friends are probably going to fail our degrees now after all of those hours voting for me but don’t worry, I won’t let the fame go to my head: meet and greets as usual in the gbomb queue for just £4!

“If you voted for me THANK YOU – let me know and I’ll buy us some shots!!!!! See you at the van of life probably?”

6. Alycia Leach – 3rd year History at Clare

Judge Judy? Who is she? (Photo credit: Levente Koroes)

Their reaction:

“Shout out to the Cambridge Union, and maybe CULA, but also my DoS and my supervisors and my parents for pretending that I am making good life decisions because being a union hack so much that I wind up as no. 7 here just proves that you may not have your priorities straight. Glad to finally get the recognition I deserve.”

5. Connor Newell – 4th year Chemical Engineer at Downing

The Newell dynasty has never been so proud. (Photo credit: Barney Walker)

Their reaction:

“It’s an honour to be on this list, the culmination of 4 years of charm, smoking area networking and ear/pin related bullying. I put half my fame down to captaining the winningest franchise on the college rugby circuit, half to an unfortunate Huel contamination incident in 3rd year and 100% down to the great people of the #BFCITW whom I am so proud to be head boy of.

“My time at Cambridge has been everything I hoped for and more, and as I move onto pastures new, it’s nice to know I’ve got the 3 C’s my great mentor Archie ‘the magician’ Curzon says are needed to survive in the city: coin, chassis and chat. At points I stop and think whether I have wasted my 4 years here and getting onto this list only confirms that.

“At other times however, I think of everyone I’ve met, what I’ve learned from them and how they have influenced me, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Here’s to one more term of learning and lash and a special shout out to my Grandad who inspired me to come here and has supported me every step of the way.”

4. Akshar Abhyankar – 1st year History and MML at Pembroke

When you’re the fourth biggest name on campus but only have a cropped hazy photo to show for it

Their reaction:

“Wow. Incredible. As if my ego needed to be fed anymore. I guess punishing my liver to such an extent does actually have some benefits!

“I’d like to thank my college husband and wife (monogamy sucks) for running a stellar campaign over the last few weeks and putting up with my desperate pleas for votes.”

3. Segev Gonen – 2nd year Mathmetician at Pembroke

When your mum forces you to take your sibling

Their reaction:

“Thank you to everyone who has made this happen, but also what why is this happening”.

2. Henry Caushi – 1st year Computer Scientist at Homerton

Magdalen stash and a Trinity pic? Looks like a Homerton student in denial…

Their reaction:

“Real life is all about asking yourself questions – to be or not to be; why it’s called a St John’s channel; how I ended up getting nominated as a celebrity on campus. But in the end, none of the answers matter anyway. We’re here, and that’s what matters.

“While we’re here, shoutouts to Caushi & Co.! You guys are the best!”

1. Ben Margolis – 3rd year Historian at Robinson

Pure cheese

Their reaction:

“I really don’t have the words to describe this experience. I’m so glad that fighting against high rents, for divestment and for a Living Wage for all workers has such a wide appeal around students. I’m also glad that wearing the same 5 shit-shirts with three buttons down at every night out for the last 3 years has made me an instantly recognisable figure. You should probably get used to the glasses and beard because you’ll be seeing a lot more of them next year.”

Photo credit: Sinthu Devkumar