Cindies’ closure, coming back in Lent term and fighting over boys: Latest YCA podcast out now

Guiding you through the end of term

We’re back for the last time this term! Here with the all the advice and discussions that you didn’t even know you wanted (or needed) to hear. Once again, recorded via Zoom to keep things #covidsafe, this week’s podcast brings you even more wisdom than before. Click here to listen! While you’re at it, be sure to submit your worries and questions here in time for the last column of term on Monday.

Tune in to hear Your College Aunts address the juicier questions not featured in this week’s column, and listen to Leila and Xanthe mourn the loss of Cindies and ponder the future of Cambridge’s social scene.

We’re talking going home, dealing with parents who have different views to you, whether we’ll be back next term and even some fresher boy drama. It’s not one to miss.

If that hasn’t convinced you to stop what you’re doing and listen to us (we’re in lockdown so you have literally no excuse) then here are some quotes to entice you further:

‘Nothing is normal, Cindies is closing, the world is ending’

‘Sorry to be this person, but I’ve had a gap year’

‘Did I nearly cry down the phone to my dad trying to change my tire? Yes.’

‘Maybe you do care that she hates you. Don’t care that she hates you.’

‘It could just be your existence that frustrates them because they’re not happy with themselves.’

‘I hope there’s a positive impact from this and that it’s not just narcissism.’

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