Lockdown Lookbook: What I’ve been wearing in self-isolation

Just because no one can see you doesn’t mean you can’t still be a fashionista!

Self-isolation can be boring. So boring that it can drive you to do things you never would have previously contemplated. For me, that thing is a satirical take on a lookbook in light of the current situation. So here’s five days worth of outfit content from self-isolation with (I know you’re thrilled to hear) commentary. Featuring: photos that include some not-so-subliminal messaging.

Day One

I like to call this look: “real indoor cosiness vibes”

The look explained:

• Grandma glasses – I’m blind as a bat and usually wear contacts, but with my supplies running low and me spending most of my day sleeping, wearing them seems like a waste. So instead, we chose this stunning pair of spectacles that enable me to actually see whatever trashy show I’m binging on my TV (and the TikToks I’m watching on my phone).

• A Primark fleece pj top that says “reach for the stars” – in these times of crisis, it is essential that we stay hopeful, and what better way to do this than to literally have a cliché inspiring slogan written across your chest?

• Mismatched Primark fleece pj bottoms – matching is soooo pre-quarantine times. Spice things up and challenge your fashion boundaries by wearing combinations that simply don’t match.

• Fluffy socks – can’t be getting cold feet during these times of uncertainty- it’s important to commit to the self-isolation.

• A stylish ballet bun with one stray piece hanging out the back – nothing says “indoor chic” quite like this carefully crafted hairstyle, and there’s certainly no better way to perpetuate your denial over not having washed your hair for 5 days.

Day Two

“Reminding yourself that you do, in fact, still go to uni through wearing stash”

So let’s break this look down:

• Over-sized freshers’ hoodie – this facilitates my mourning of first year in comfort. I find that wearing this hoodie is helping me through the denial phase, and is also reminding me that my life has some purpose.

• Black joggers with a red stripe that are too short for me – normally I wouldn’t wear these out as they’re simply too short to be full-length and not short enough to be 3/4 length joggers. However, in self-isolation, I realised that the length of my joggers doesn’t really matter and that there are bigger problems for me to deal with.

• Grandma glasses (again) – still not wasting my contacts! We should also note that it’s good that I haven’t yet given up on seeing.

Day Three

“Snuggles in a slanket”

This is day one’s look (shock, horror I’m an outfit repeater) plus a slanket on top.

• The Slanket – a blanket, but with armholes… revolutionary. As you can see in the photo provided, you can easily burrow your head into the slanket, meaning that you can hide away from the prospect of having to revise for *shudders* online exams.

• Primark fleece pj bottoms (again) – THEY’RE COMFY, OKAY!

Day Four


The outfit:

• Secondary school leavers’ hoodie – once the effect of wearing uni stash wears off, it’s time to get out that leavers’ hoodie so that you can plunge yourself further into denial and reminisce on pre-corona times.

• Primark fleece pj bottoms – not shown in the photo but a recurring theme throughout this lookbook.

• Contact lenses – I decided to remind myself of times of 20/20 vision without glasses, wasting my second last pair of contact lenses in the process.

Day Five

“Box-dye breakdown”

The look explained:

• Red hair – this was achieved with box dye and came as the result of boredom but also my inherent belief that changing your hair colour counts as a valid personality trait. I would say “I did this so you don’t have to” but considering how long we’ll probably be stuck inside I reckon now’s the best time to do something crazy to your hair since: a) no one will see it and b) by the time human contact starts again, any mistakes made will probably have fixed themselves.

• Gloves – I went to the supermarket.

• My second pair of glasses – I decided to really switch things up and challenge myself by choosing this pair over my grandma glasses.

• White crossover top – There’s really not much to say here.

• Black cargo pants – Comfy but not too slouchy (needed a break from fleece pj bottoms and to remind me that there were times when I wore actual outdoor clothes every day.

• Black denim jacket – it was cold but not that cold.

• Green bag – perfect for storing hand sanitiser!

•Air Force 1s – practical for walking – a go-to shoe!



Well, that was certainly more time consuming than I initially thought it would be. Hopefully, this was somewhat amusing for you to read and, even if it wasn’t, it helped ease the quarantine boredom slightly for me.

So, if you, like me, find yourself bored and refusing to start revising for whatever weird form of examination you’re going to be subject to in Easter term, box-dye and documenting your daily outfits could be the answer! Okay, they probably aren’t, but you get the point. Regardless, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself amused within the confines of your home and so there’s no need to be breaking that social distancing rule! Stay safe, wash your hands and make sure your friends are okay (from a 2m distance).