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Here’s which Sex Education character you are, based on your zodiac sign

Zodiac, but make it sexy ?


Your astrological chart can tell you a lot about yourself. Most importantly, though, it can tell you which character from Netflix's hit series Sex Education most deeply resonates with your zodiac sign.

Sex Education's second season premiered on the 17th of January, featuring new characters (Rahim, I would die for you), new relationships and the return of Otis' much needed sex advice. What better way to celebrate the new season than with astrology?


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You're definitely a Viv, but you saw this coming too, didn't you? You're incredibly motivated and hard-working; you know what you want from your life and how to get it.

When you're in your element, you're focused and headstrong, but here's some advice: you don't need to plan everything in life to a T (like your sex life, for starters). Be more present and enjoy the company of those around you. Your relationships are important, too. And please, reconsider your choice in men.


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Oh, Aquarians. The "I'm not like other girls of the zodiac". The Jughead of the group. You're all a bunch of weirdos, aren't you? Obviously, you're a Lily; you like what you like and don't care what people think. You do you and you do it to the greatest level of extra. In the best possible way, you're the definition of "quirky".

Here's the problem, though: you can come across as stand-offish and your blunt opinions can cut deep (and often, they're uncalled for). Remember to open up a bit more and that not everyone is as real as you are.


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Who else other than Aimee? You’re sociable and brighten up any conversation. People love to be around you because you’re a great friend. You give good advice and are always there to listen. In fact, you often know about things before anyone else does.

You’re one of the empaths of the zodiac so you’re highly attuned to other people’s emotions. But, Pisces, this also means that you feel strongly too. You’re not everyone’s therapist and it’s okay to express your own thoughts and rely on other people for a change!


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Hey Aries, can you calm down a bit? You’re being a bit too loud. Jakob exudes uninhibited Aries energy – pure chaos. Self-aware and independent, Aries are a very confident bunch. This doesn’t mean you aren’t passionate in a relationship! You’re open with your affection – and what’s wrong with that?

However, you definitely need vibe checks from time to time. Your energy can be overwhelming and not everyone is as forward with their feelings as you are. Understand that people aren’t always going to be on the same wavelength (or volume level) as you.


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You’re edgy and independent so you’re definitely a Maeve. You go about your own way and other people admire you for it. You’re self-reliant and strong but also warm-hearted; if someone needs you, you’ll be there for them.

Still, you can be a bit stubborn because you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Just because you might not need anyone, doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself. You can be independent and rely on your friends at the same time. Try and be a bit more generous with your love.


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Geminis are socialites and are fun to be around. You’re adored for your warmth and light-heartedness; you can make friends with anyone. So, of course, you’re a Jackson (aka an angel). You make for a great communicator and you like to get other people to open up to you.

Here’s the thing; Geminis can often be quite the over-thinkers and, even though you’ve got great social skills, you sometimes suppress what you’re actually feeling, making you nervous and distant. Geminis, remember to tune more into your thoughts and figure out what it is you actually want.


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Eric is a king and, Cancers, you should be honoured to be him. Cancers get made fun of quite a bit for being the cry-baby of the group but it’s not a bad thing. You’re just really in touch with yourself and, frankly, a lot of people aren’t. You’re quite the nurturer; forgiveness and compassion comes naturally to you.

Your emotions and those of others around you can easily dictate how your day’s gonna be. And just like Eric, sometimes people may take time to reciprocate your emotional intensity. Cancers, don’t let it get to you!


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Olivia is a Leo, hands-down. You’re feisty and you let those around you know it. Your intensely loyal and once you form a connection with someone, it's a bond made for life. Your confidence and passion, however, can sometimes come across as plain arrogance and egoism.

This over-confidence might even be a way for you to mask your insecurities. Check in with yourself, Leos! Even though you might feel like the lion of the group, you’re still human and you're allowed to take a break from your confident exterior.


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Virgos are the subtle flirts of the zodiac so Rahim seems fitting. You’re all about the staring technique. Having said that, when you’re finally sure of what it is that you want, you don’t hold back. Self-growth is an important part of your life and you’re quite secure in yourself.

You’re also an over-thinker and your love for organising can extend to your thoughts. Because of this, you can worry a lot, even if you seem chilled on the outside. Sort through your feelings, yes, but don’t overdo it. Know when to trust your worries and when to relax a bit.


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There’s no one else other than Otis to represent the Libras. You’re all about balance and fairness which makes you excellent advice-givers. Libras are an intelligent bunch and your charm makes you a popular choice, once people get to know you.

Sometimes, the people around you can feel like your impartiality can make you too much of a by-stander. Of course, you need to have an opinion sometimes and trying to please everyone never really works out. Practice being more assertive and don’t feel like you always need to mask your feelings for the greater good.


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We love Jean, and Scorpios, we love you too (even if you don’t believe us). Scorpios don’t have time for the fake woke; you’re as deep as it comes. You love self-analysis and your perceptiveness can be intense. You’re a born therapist and intellectual/stimulating conversations are your favourite.

Unfortunately, this can get tiring for those around you. Not everything is that deep. Lecturing can be good when we want practical advice, but other times all we need is a listener. For someone who’s so deep, you can also be cold and mistrusting. Scorpios, no one knows everything there is to know about life!


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Firstly, Ola, I love you. Ola is 100 per cent a Sagittarius. Those with a Sagittarius sun sign live for adventure. You love new things and experimenting. You’re not easy to pin down and can be hard to read (you love your freedom). When it comes to things that matter, though, you’re not afraid to put your foot down.

Philosophical and deep conversation is also your speciality and, as with Scorpios, this can be interpreted as being condescending or preachy. Keep living your best unrestricted lives. Just keep in mind that your free spirit still has responsibilities and flaws, like everybody else.

If you feel like you connected more with one of the other characters, remember that there's more to your zodiac than just your sun sign! And if you haven't seen Sex Education yet, you definitely should.

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