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Love Island twins VIP hostesses at Fez Cambridge!

You’ve probs met them on a messy Friday night out

New winter Love Island contestants, Jess and Eve Gale, who entered the villa at the end of last night’s episode, are VIP hostesses at Fez.

Friday Fez fans out there – you have even more of a reason to endure the sweatbox of a dance floor and relentless thumping tunes – you might just bump into these reality TV stars. Well, that's if they will still deign to stay at Fez after they become rich and famous…

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Can we appreciate the gal on the far left eyeing up the drinks. (Photo Credit: Fez Club)

The twins, aged 20, have been pictured serving shot glasses in the club at various events last year.

When they are not studying in London, the pair work at both Friday and Tuesday Fez. Maybe I should accept those random Tuesday Fez flyers hurled at me en route to Glitterbomb after all?

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Is their lipstick the only way to tell them apart? (Photo Credit: Fez Club)

Cambridge born and bred, the pair attended Cottenham Village College and Long Road Sixth Form.

Now they’re currently stirring drama and looking for a new beau in South Africa, where the first ever winter Love Island series is set. And it looks like someone’s already spilt the tea – the first look at tonight’s episode teases the twins fighting over hunky scaffolder, Callum, currently coupled up with Shaughna.

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Is this the only outfit they have?

Can their sisterly bond overcome the trials and tribulations of trashy men in the villa? With a new re-coupling on the horizon, things are about to get spicy.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm tonight.

Cover photo credit: Fez Club