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Best Dressed in Cambridge: Week Six

This week’s BDOCs

Week Five blues and near-arctic temperatures clearly haven't stopped Cambridge students from flaunting the highlights of their wardrobes this week. Ranging from understated to eye-catching, scroll down to see some of the best looks spotted across Cambridge this week.


College: Newnham

Year: 3rd

Subject: Maths

Style inspiration: "Myself"

Look she's going for: "I just want to bring old memories with me" (she bought this scarf in Tibet)

Spotted: Newnham Café


College: Jesus

Year: 1st year MPhil

Subject: English (Modern and Contemporary)

Style inspiration: "My granny"

Look she's going for: "Comfy enough to sleep in"

Spotted: St. John's College

The quintessential English student accessory… an LRB tote

"Comfy enough to sleep in"


College: Trinity

Year: 4th

Subject: Economics & Land Economy

Style inspiration: "I take inspiration from everything and turn it into my own look"

Look she's going for: "The "I just strolled into a lecture late with my oat milk pumpkin spice latte with an extra shot" look"

Spotted: Trinity College

A *Gucci* look


College: Pembroke

Year: 1st year MPhil

Subject: Modern European History

Style inspiration: Eliza Batten

Look she's going for: "A mare in flares"

Spotted: Pembroke College

These earrings! Sublime

"A mare in flares"


College: Pembroke

Year: 3rd

Subject: HSPS

Style inspiration: "My mum"

Look she's going for: "Franco-British"

Spotted: Arc Café


College: Christ's

Year: 1st year MRes

Subject: Future Propulsion and Power

Style inspiration: "90's RnB"

Look she's going for: "Engineering student serving looks"

Spotted: Christ's College

Stay tuned for another selection of Cambridge's best dressed next week.