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Nearly there!

It's not week seven, it's week eight, and we all know this. However, the university can't be the only ones to mess with time with no consequence. Well done, everyone: we did it! This term has been absolutely incredible for culture – so treat yourself at the end of term with a little more.



I am super looking forwards to Yerma! I’ve wanted to see it for years since it just seems such an interesting premise – I’m very into the Spanish language and the whole culture of the country as well so I can’t wait to see some Lorca at long last (weirdly he is not massively popular at such esteemed theatrical venues as the Hull Truck Theatre, which are the only ones I can get to.)

Yerma runs from Tuesday 12th March at 7:00pm til Saturday 16th at Corpus Playroom.


The author of bestseller Notes on A Nervous Planet, Matt Haig, is at the Corn Exchange – I’ve loved his writing since I read The Humans (would thoroughly recommend- it’s mad and deeply touching) and How To Stop Time is one of the loveliest books I’ve ever read. Matt writes a lot about men’s mental health and the importance of reaching out- just check his Twitter feed to see what an all round Nice Man he is- so I would absolutely advise checking this one out if you’re at all worried about the state of the planet, since this talk is all about how he deals with that.

Matt is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange at 7:30pm on Sunday 10th March.


Well, it was International Women’s Day and therefore all of this month is about us, sorry @ men. The Reclaim the Night march is taking place next week- open only to women/ nb people, the procession will snake around Cambridge and culminate in a vigil and speeches from the sex worker collective SWARM. This is an incredibly important event reclaiming a space traditionally dangerous for non-men: aka the streets at night, so please come along!

Assemble on Parker’s Piece Thursday 14th March at 6:00pm


The Museum of Cambridge is hosting Pride and Place, an exhibition curated by the local LGBTQ community about local lives and experiences. It’s easy to get caught up in national and global movements and forget about local community change, so I think it’ll be a really different exhibition from the more general LGBTQ museum pieces we’ve been seeing.

Pride and Place is on now at the Museum of Cambridge until March 31st; entry is free.



Grandma Groove is coming up on Tuesday, and it’s also my coursework deadline day!!!! Expect to see me out in full force, absolutely off my rocker on the Revs dance floor as the end of term celebrations kick off. It’s also their second birthday (even though it feels like it’s been here forever) so the least you can do is get down and groove.

Grandma Groove is on at Revs on Tuesday 12th March. Tickets can be found by poaching Ticketbridge

GG: Let Disco My Way

So here's a rhythm,A shake and a rhyme,For Grandma GrooveIs always on timeShe doesn't miss a beat, Or stop moving her feet.So don't worry about critique,Forget solitaire,Put your hands in the airAnd have fun next week!FINAL RELEASE tickets on sale now, dont miss out: here: XX

Posted by Grandma Groove on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


'Fleapit Presents' is an exciting exhibition of art, poetry, prose, performance, music, and more happening at Cripps Court in Magdalene. With submissions from across Cam, this is looking to be a fun explosion of creativity to top off a term that’s already been chock-a-block with great exhibitions and publications.

Fleapit Presents is on at Cripps Court, Magdalene, Monday 11th March. Tickets can be found here.


The 23-hour sketch show is a really inventive, exciting premise – basically, 30 comedians from across Cambridge have 23 hours to produce a 60 minute sketch show, which will then be put on at the ADC. With both new and established faces involved, this should be a great look into the state of the comedy scene at the moment, and where we might expect it to go from here!

The 23-Hour Sketch Show is on at the ADC on Thursday 14th March. Tickets can be bought here.

We are presently unable to locate fellow Culture Editor and top thesp Chloe Lansley- having last seen her in the ADC Bar in a state of what can only be described as Ibsen-related sleep-deprived mania, we can only hope she is finally getting some sleep and recovering from a Week 7 Mainshow.