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Get the look: Churchill Spring Ball 2019

Searching for inspo? Look no further.

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The theme for Churchill Spring Ball 2019 is Hades. Aptly chosen for Week 5 in Lent term, the ball promises to be a fiery and exciting event.

Needless to say, the makeup and fashion better live up to these hellish expectations.


In Greek mythology, the name Hades refers to both the god of the dead and to his kingdom, which is also known as the Underworld. To get to the Underworld, the souls of deceased people were ferried across the river Styx, after which each soul was judged and sent either to the Fields of Asphodel (if they were neither virtuous nor evil), to Tartarus (if they were evil) or to Elysium (if they were especially righteous or related to the gods and other heroes).

Think fire. Think dark and gothic. Think mythological regality.

Maybe you want to embrace the gaunt and haunting darkness of Charon, the boatsman ferrying the dead. Perhaps the spookiness and skeletal qualities of the souls who await judgement. Alternatively, the regal nature and royal attire of the immortal judges of the dead. Maybe embodying Hades from Disney's Hercules, with the sass and fire to match even the biggest BNOC. Or maybe you just want to dress up as Cerberus, the three-headed dog?


Get out your dark and intricately patterned garbs! If you want to go with the fire theme, get those oranges and reds and golds on your face and in your outfits. Alternatively, go with blues and blacks for a more gothic vibe.

Black lace is always a solid choice. Instantly makes the look gothic! If you are worried about re-wearing an item, you can get some black lace cheaply in Hobbycraft or the haberdashery section in John Lewis and add it to cuffs or to the neckline.

Black and brown colours with touches of gold add a regal element to a haunting look. Go for interesting patterns within the dark colours to really pull it together!

Don't be afraid to embrace the theme with traditional dress. At the end of the day, it's about embodying the theme!

Silver makes a statement. It's not exactly a bold colour, and the cool undertones make it a bit more deathly, but with a touch of glitter and/or sequins, it turns a fairly un-special dress into an intentionally cold look.

You can also go for some colour! Oranges and reds embody the flames of hell, and the fire within. Add some gold, and let that fire burn.

If you're wearing a suit, you're already part way there with the dark colour. If you want to go the extra mile, add a cravat or a gothic necktie. If you're feeling jazzy, you could also pop in a pocket square with a colourful pattern, or an orange flower to merge nature and fire elements.

Don't forget any jewellery you would like to wear, from earrings to body piercings, to necklaces, to bracelets or anklets.

You should also be sure to check out local charity stores, buy-and-sell groups, or Gownbridge to reduce fashion waste.


Balls are a great excuse to go wild with makeup and other cosmetics. Try something new to go even bolder.

You can't go wrong with dark makeup – dark lips, dark eyes. Find that black lipstick and bold kohl eyeliner, and go mad.

Add warm reds for a hellish twist. Add gold highlighter for a *snatched* and fiery vibe, and feel free to experiment with some liquid eyeliner to add some detail. Maybe try falsies for ultimate boldness?

You can also experiment with colours with colder undertones. Blues, brass, silvers… Colder colours give off a colder vibe (who would have guessed).

Sharp contouring will give your face that angled and poised vibe. If you want to go with the deathly theme, then highlight the skeleton within (literally).

Don't forget about your nails! You can get temporary fake nails in Boots, or raid your mate's supplies and get that matte black on. Similarly, don't forget any jazzy rings you want to show off.

Finally, good luck: remember the point is to enjoy yourself.

Go out and party, people!