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King’s vote to replace Soviet flag with Wall of Flags

Yet more flag-based news content!

After previously voting to replace the infamous Soviet flag in King's Bunker bar, last night King's College Student Union passed a motion to replace it with a 'Wall of Flags.'

This will be a collection of symbols (rather than "a single totalising symbol") representing inclusivity at King's. In keeping with this goal, the first flag to go up is proposed by the college's LGBTQ+ Officer to be the LGBT flag, stating that it would "contribute to a sense of welcome and belonging to the LGBT members of the community."

The move comes after the Soviet symbol (which had hung there since 2004, and which it could be argued King's has been basing it's reputation for edginess on ever since) was voted for by 86% of undergraduates to be removed, citing the fact that it was "considered hurtful, offensive and exclusionary to King's members whose families suffered under Soviet rule."

King's is clearly very pro-flag at the moment: on the 30th of January they flew the EU flag to show their support "for the rights of their EU Fellows, students and staff."

Cover image: Tom McGachie