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BREAKING: Zero Carbon Banner Drop in 11 Colleges

Around 70 Zero Carbon affiliated protesters are engaged in action across the university

Cambridge University Zero Carbon Society

This morning in a coordinated student action against Cambridge Colleges's investments in the fossil fuels and arms industries. The Tab has learnt that campaigners have unfurled divest and disarm banners in such iconic locations as Christ's Great Gate and King's Front Court.

Zero Carbon has told the Tab that this action is being undertaken on a college by college basis but on a University scale with the intention of putting pressure on both the Central University and Individual College's to divest.

Today's action is also a direct response to a report yesterday further detailing the extent of Cambridge college's investments in the fossil fuels and arms industries. A spokesperson from Zero Carbon said:

"Yesterday showed that Cambridge colleges are literally making a killing from the destruction of our planet. For far too long these unaccountable institutions have been bankrolling climate breakdown, through companies engaged in neo-colonial resource extraction at the expense of people’s lives across the Global South. Today, over 70 students, many of them taking part in their first action stood up and said no. Enough is enough, we will fight for colleges divested from fossil fuels, in full solidarity with those most affected.”

12:10 Bannering begins.

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Coordinated with the autumn leaves!

12:15 BREAKING: Clare's banner has been removed by porters barely 5 minutes after it was put up.

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The real question is how they got there so fast

It's worth noting Clare isn't presently open to tourists, so this could be slightly more than just removing an unsightly nuisance.

12:29 Most colleges have been bannered!

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Lovely use of neon from Selwyn there

As today is a Saturday this action has already attracted attention from tourists- Clare's Divestment team were seen explaining the campaign to visitors on the bridge.

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Red, the blood of angry students?

12:37 Bannering is complete!

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Churchill going radical by not using buildings/gates

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Ofc Trinity had the biggest sign

12:52: A statement has been released from Zero Carbon in response to banners being removed.

"The banner being removed at Clare is the least of our concerns, as we've shown today our college campaigns are growing fast. We will win key divestment victories across colleges and build overwhelming pressure on the university to divest."

It's unclear as of yet how much influence this action will have, but by bannering the iconic "faces" of Cambridge, Zero Carbon are making a strong statement about the colleges' roles in defacing the beauty of our planet and the lives of those affected.