Cambridge University Zero Carbon Society

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Missing the point of climate activism: A response from a non-activist

Climate change is a huge problem, and every little victory brings us closer to solving it.

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Why Cambridge should NOT divest

It will do nothing to stop climate change, but it will mess up the university’s finances

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Frankly, we’re shell shocked

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How Green is Cambridge really?

Committees or community?

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BREAKING: University ties to fossil fuel companies revealed

Close financial links between the University and oil companies impacted divestment

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BREAKING: Zero Carbon Banner Drop in 11 Colleges

Around 70 Zero Carbon affiliated protesters are engaged in action across the university

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BREAKING: Zero Carbon protesters DISRUPT Shell annual lecture

19 Zero Carbon activists protested a panel discussion hosted by Shell

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BREAKING: University to Discuss Disinvestment

Following months of protest, led by The Cambridge Zero Carbon Society, the University Council will meet to discuss fossil fuel investment.