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Follow all the teams’ shenanigans as they race back to Cambridge

cambridge students liveblog RAG RAG Lost University of Cambridge

We're back again for another year of Lost! Keep checking back on this page for all the latest updates direct from RAG. The teams are starting at park and ride in Yarmouth, and have 24 hours to make it back to RAG HQ in Cambridge without spending any money. The first team back will win tickets to this year's Fitz Winter Ball.

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Don't forget to donate here to support the Cantabs who are braving the elements all in the name of charity.


After their midnight exploits, the very last team has returned to base. Rag Lost 2018 is officially over. Congratulations to all who took part and found their way from Yarmouth to Cambridge, all in the name of charity.

Make sure you keep donating so that their travails weren't for nothing! See you next time.

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Eyewitness reports claim that the final group was spotted on Glisson Road "literally 2 secs ago"…

The tension is rising


The final group is still MIA but rumour has it they are in Cambridge, searching for a unicycle.

The last team standing just won't give up.

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Team 20 are the penultimate team back! Only one team to go

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We’re down to the last 3 teams: team 4 are back!

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Clad in colour, team 14 are back!!

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Team 5, closely followed by team 25, have maintained their suave aesthetic as they return to the Bridge.

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Cambridge welcomes back team 17!

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Team 22 has made it back to Cam

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More triumphant returns from teams 9, 13, and 15! Congrats guys.

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Brace yourself for a huge plot twist: team 7 has overtaken team 29 in the Grand Prize competition! #drama


Team 7 have made it back safe and sound – a ROARing success

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Teams 6 and 16 are back, bananas included!

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Teams 34 and 36 are back too !

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Teams 18 and 24 are back !

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Teams 28, 8, 24 and 27 are back!

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Teams 1, 2 and 12 are back!

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Team 11 are back!

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Team 9: Kesbridge have got themselves a job to raise funds to get back.


Team 19 ('The Northerners') are back with a brand new ear-piercing!

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Team 23 have made it back!

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Team 'the bad and the ugly' have just got back! They also have proposed to each other on a bridge… onlookers thought it was real.

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The many transport methods of team 16

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4th place: Men only in name

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5th place: Land Sharks

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Two teams back in quick succession!


But they’ve also found time to support a demonstration…

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‘Men only by name’ have just done the most awkward photobombing you’ve ever seen…

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Team 28 have just been given £70 by this generous donee!

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Theo from ‘the bad and the ugly’ has clearly never filled a car with petrol…

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Team 16 are shining shoes!

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‘Travelling Mathematician Problem’ have just got some (hopefully) temporary tattoos!

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Team 9: Kesbridge have dyed their hair!!

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The 3 Peaks are the third team back!

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Team ‘asdf’ are doing some hardcore busking in Norwich!

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The second team back is Team 10 – CocoEgg!!

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Team 31: Tower Bridge Tings are the first team to FINISH!

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Team 5 are at another UEA'd Student Union!

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(‘The bad and the ugly’) are delivering babies and finding their inner zen ?

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WARNING: there are bananas running loose in Norwich! (Team 6: BROD)

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Update: Team 4 have given a cheeky lecture at UEA?!

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Team 3rr0r 404 have just dyed their hair for the cause!

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Team 22, 'Crazy Lost Asians', are coming for the 'Alvegators' current lead by just crowning themselves!

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MORE BREAKING NEWS: Things are really heating up! We’ve just had intel that Team 3 'The Three Peaks' are on the same national express coach back to Cambridge as Team 2! A race to the finish line is incoming!


BREAKING: Team 28, ‘A&E Send Help’, have just made an appearance on Radio Norfolk to talk about LOST!

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The 'Alvegators' have stormed into the lead, collecting the most team points! Meanwhile, the 'legally blondes' have crashed a wedding!


Team 18, ‘asdf’ are spreading word of RAG by putting a LOST t-shirt on a mannequin. Fashion hunnies xoxo

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BREAKING NEWS: Team 2, ‘Just Add Water’ are on a National Express coach back to Cambridge for free! Speedy stuff!


Team 33, ‘Ulysses Moonlegs & Co’ are doing very well. They’ve managed to pose gorilla-style next to a statue and shout ‘we love Cambridge’ in a pub. Such spirit.

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Team 4, 'Are We There Yet?' are storming through the challenges, and have completed 16 so far, including having a hair cut. The 'Trom-bone-ists' have also just got a manicure. Lost can be great for life admin guys.

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'Legally Blondes' are sourcing more produce, and have now upgraded to pumpkin spotting.

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It's getting spirey up in here! Team 23, 'Frechdachsgang', and Team 15, '3rr0r 404' are both pinching various spires across East Anglia.

Image may contain: Pants, Path, Housing, Architecture, Vehicle, Automobile, Transportation, Car, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Clothing, Neighborhood, Downtown, Street, Road, Town, Urban, City, Building, Person, HumanImage may contain: Flyer, Brochure, Paper, Tree, Female, Outdoors, Advertisement, Poster, Denim, Jeans, Jacket, Coat, Vegetation, Plant, Face, Costume, Path, Human, Person, City, Road, Street, Building, Town, Urban, Pants, Clothing, Apparel


Team 21, 'Land Sharks' have turned up the charm and completed the challenge of giving someone a flower.


Team 36, 'Lost Cause', have just photobombed a wedding picture! That is commitment on a whole new level.

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It's yoga under the bridge. Team 30. 'Trom-bone-ists’ are feeling zen for their challenge.

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Team 12: ‘Ho Ho Hopeless!’ are starting the Bridgemas festivities early.

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Just in: team 8, 'Legally Blondes', have found a potato.

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Meanwhile, team 26, 'The Incapables', have managed to ride a bus and climb a tree.

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Team 5, 'The Homing Pidges', are off to a flying start on the challenges. So far, they've managed to bag someone's shopping, find a wheelbarrow, high five a stranger, find something with their name on it AND ride in a trolley. CV worthy stuff.

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And they're off! Quite literally. The teams have run off of the coach and into the depths of the Yarmouth park and ride with such determination that they simply couldn't stop to take a group picture. Looks like this year is going to be INTENSE.

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