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Apply NOW to join The Tab team in Michaelmas

The Tab wants YOU

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Bonjour Cantabs, we're Rachael and Hollie and we are your incoming Tab editors.

We know May Week has just begun, but we already have our eyes on the prize: Michaelmas term.

That's right, we're recruiting our next team already because the early bird always catches…a good team.

So why should you join? Here are (not quite 13) reasons why:

*We are Cambridge's most read student newspaper #exposure.

* …and often the most read Tab team in the country, which can lead to national news coverage opportunities.

* Michaelmas is the best term to give something new a try!

* You know you want those CV points.

* We serve tea on a weekly basis (and by that we mean piping hot GOSSIP).

* The Tab is more than just student journalism: our meetings and socials are fun, relaxed and a great way to meet like-minded people.

* Did we mention stash?

* You could even become a BNOC…

BONUS FUN FACT: The Tab actually began right here in Cambridge, and we're rapidly approaching our 10 year anniversary!

Look at all this staaa$$$$h.

Sounds great, right? So how do you join?

Have a read of the positions we're looking for, and slide into our DMs at [email protected] with some short answers to the following:

1. What do you think The Tab brand is?

2. What previous experience do you have? (This can be Tab related or otherwise)

3. If you're applying for section editor, how do you think you could improve your section going forward, and what ideas do you have at the moment?

4. If you're applying for columnist/Tab TV presenter, what fresh ideas can you bring to the table?

5. Why should we choose you?

Email your application over by midnight Sunday 24th June, with your name, college, subject and year.

News Editor(s) and News Writers

If keeping on top of Cambridge's hot gossip is your thing, then we need you. Breaking big stories is at the heart of The Tab, and on numerous occasions these can often make the National Press.

Investigations Editor(s)

The investigations team work closely with News Editors on long term projects. Past examples include our sex survey, study drugs and mental and sexual health investigations. Get snooping!

Features Editor(s)

Which Love Island contestant is your College and beyond. Features bring the fun to The Tab, and often receive the most commissions. The best part about Features is that every writer has a different style, so get those ideas cooking and let us know what you're thinking.

For the record Eyal is definitely King's.

Opinions Editor(s)

Opinions is as fast-paced and topical as News, but with more freedom to, well, express your own views and get them heard. This is a chance to fully delve into Cambridge's social politics and beyond — and to spark a little bit of controversy — which is what The Tab does best. You can also choose to write some more lighthearted opinion pieces, such as disagreeing with our hot take on Eyal.

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor(s)

This is for the Instagram-savvy of you. We need an expert or two to get hunting for the best outfits at the wildest of locations, to give us the lowdown on dating life here, to hop on over to galleries and exhibitions, and, of course, master the quest for the best brunch in Cambridge. Bon appetite.

Music Editor

We're on the hunt for someone to supply Cambridge with weekly Spotify playlists and roundups of upcoming club nights to satisfy the hotpot of genres we have going on here. Is there life beyond Mr Brightside?

Sports Editor

New sports teams and the build-up to the Varsity Rugby match make Michaelmas an exciting time to be involved with sports. We can't promise you a Blue though, but we'll find you an honorary badge.

Interviews Editor

Here's your chance to mingle with C-Listers (and maybe a cheeky B if you're lucky) for the sake of #content. You might even get a few Insta likes out of it.


Free reign! Pitch us an idea, and submit weekly articles. In the past we've had columnists writing on everything from sex to supervisions.


Want to catapult your way to Tab fame? Think you're the next Philip Schofe? Then TabTV presenting is the role for you! The team requires a couple of presenters, as well as some techies to help with filming and editing.

Don't miss out! Remember to get those applications in to [email protected] by midnight Sunday 24th June. We can't wait to hear from you, our mailbox is hungry already.