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Cambridge ranked 4th best University in the world

Overtaking ‘the other place’ to become the highest-ranking UK University on the list

The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings are out and the University of Cambridge claims 4th place globally. The top 3 Universities were all American: Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford. This means that Cambridge has the best reputation in the UK.

2018 sees the University of Cambridge overtaking Oxford. In 2017, the two Universities shared 4th place (although, let it be noted that last year was the first time in the history of the rankings that Oxford caught up with Cambridge. #GDBO).

THE's annual list is based on a globally representative survey of over 10,000 senior academics and aims to highlight the top 100 most powerful University brands in the world.

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Photoshopping skills worthy of the University with the best reputation in the country? I think so.

Nine UK Universities have made the list this year, though many have seen a slight decline: UCL has fallen from 16th to joint 18th, Imperial from 18th to 20th, and LSE has slipped from 20th to 25th. The University of Cambridge was one of the only UK institutions to maintain its ranking.

Phil Baty, THE's Editorial Director of Global Rankings, used the UK's performance to comment on the implications of Brexit: "The UK has some of the most prestigious universities in the world, admired across the continents. But their status is in no way guaranteed – all UK universities have either fallen down the global pecking order this year or stayed static. This should give pause for serious thought as the country seeks to champion its status as ‘global Britain’ in a post-Brexit world."

Despite this, students at Cambridge can take comfort in the fact that at least they are spending those extortionate tuition fees on the University with the best reputation in the country, and the 4th-best reputation in the world. More importantly though, we beat Oxford. That is all that matters.