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Students forced to leave Greenwich House after bailiffs called to evict them

A few students were carried out by bailiffs, but most chose to walk out

Earlier today, Cambridge County Court ruled in favour of the University to evict students from Greenwich House, a main University administrative building, after students had been occupying it since Friday.

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Tweet from Tony Eva @cambsclimate

Hours after this decision has been made, bailiffs arrived at the scene in Greenwich House, to force students to vacate the building.

All students have since left the building. Most of them chose to walk out of their own accord but according to Zero Carbon, around ten students were physically removed from the building by high court bailiffs.

It is not known whether the University would take any further action against students who occupied the building for a week.

In a statement on Facebook, Zero Carbon has stated they condemn " in the strongest possible terms the actions of the University executive, who would rather repress a peaceful, democratic protest than respond to calls to negotiate or engage with its legitimate demands."

A University spokesperson has said "The occupation of Greenwich House caused significant disruption both to the University staff who work there, and to the vital work they carry out to support research and teaching across the university."

“The University respects and upholds the right to peaceful and legal protest. This was an unauthorised occupation, and proportionate legal action was taken to bring it to a peaceful resolution."

The last time the University used force to remove occupiers was when students protested the increase in tuition fees by occupying the Old Schools Buildings.