Cindies to be ‘relocated’

The end of the Circle of Life?

Due to "structural issues", the building housing beloved Cindies is set to be "renovated" (torn apart, destroyed). Proposals have been made to "relocate" Ballare to the basement, which is a "concrete bunker", according to Henry Webber from Aberdeen Standard investments.

This shocking proposal is part of a wider scheme to transform Lion Yard shopping centre. It will involve replacing the shops behind St Andrew's Church with new buildings, creating a "space where people can meet and linger". The hope is to attract smaller, independent artisan brands to the area.

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Credit: Cambridge News

The biggest change (in our eyes), however, would be the movement of Cindies nightclub from the upstairs old office space, to the basement. Webber claims that Ballare's new proposed site "is essentially a sound-proof box", a "concrete bunker" – sounds delightful.

These proposals have provoked fears that Cindies will become Kuda 2.0 – just as dark and even more sweaty. Despite Webber's reassurance that "the ceiling is much much higher. It is a much bigger open space", there is widespread student concern that Cambridge clubbing will have even less variation. Who knew that was possible?

Ballare's current spot is set to be used for a "mid-range hotel" – a pleasant city break for some, an act of sheer blasphemy for others.

Is this the end of Cindies as we know it? Will our dreams of regular Wednesday clubbing come crashing down, into the "concrete bunker" of the future? Are we over-reacting? Stay tuned with The Tab for updates on the renovations/destructions, as and when they happen.