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All Cambridge. No Analytica.

It all started in the Maypole in 2009 when a few Cambridge students decided to set up this trailblazing student publication. How apt then, that the new Tab app, should be exclusively launched here too.

We, here at The Tab, always have Cambridge students' interests and desires at heart. Not only do we constantly strive to produce content for your enjoyment, now with our new app, you can take us with you wherever you go, making procrastination just that little bit easier.

The app is available to download now for free on the apple app store (Android coming soon) and does not require any sign in details. Repeat – we are not mining your data to sell. The Tab has always been open for all to read, as we want to get students engaged and talking about things they find interesting and care about.

Everything on the website will be on the app, as well as exclusive content released just solely on there. You can engage and share articles on the app with friends, and for all those going on a Facebook ban for exam term, we're supporting you there. So download the app today, and watch this space.

Tab App Launch Night

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Thursday 3rd May @ Lola's

For our new and exciting app, we want to celebrate its launch with all our readers. Our launch night at Lola's means that all those who have dowloaded the app and show it on their phones get £1 off entry. And that's not all. Those who download it at the bar get a free shot.

Download now for more spicy content, free shots, and cheap clubbing. What more can you ask for?