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Tab TV is recruiting NOW

A camera could be your excuse to make the most of Cambridge

Want to cover major events and student activities that people really care about? Good at producing video content? Then Tab TV wants YOU to be part of the growing team next term.

Whether it’s bantering your way to BNOC status, giving political big cheeses a good grilling, accosting drunk people at Cindies or getting to the heart of life at the weirdest university in the country – it’s amazing how much you can get away with behind a camera.

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Where have you been all this time?

This term, the relaunch of Tab TV as a lively part of The Tab has seen us avoid doing our degrees by growing into the Cambridge’s biggest student broadcaster, reaching 90K viewers and counting on Facebook alone (and we still don’t get expenses!)

Our interviews have set out to find out if Dick and Dom are dicks, how hard James Haskell is, whether Katie Price and Peter Andre might get back together, what the official 2018 BNOC Daisy Eyre actually does, and who the hell the new candidates for CUSU President even are.

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We're more than just a double act

Meanwhile, our features have offered up ringside seats for the battle to reclaim university staff pensions, the kiss-in against Jacob Rees-Mogg and gigs by mega-talented student musicians inside their own cribs.

In the words of a hungry Blue at Formal, though, that isn’t enough.

Next term, Tab TV is multiplying. The plan is to boost our cultural and comedy content, as well as making ambitious documentaries on a timescale suitably flexible for exam term.

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True fact: the president's seal of approval

So, without further ado, we’re on the lookout for techies who know how to edit and wield a camera – or at least who are keen to learn. You don’t need to have your own kit (but it would always be a bonus!)

If you have experience in video editing and production, or wielding a camera, then send an application to [email protected].

Please give your name, college, CRSID, degree and which year you're in, and tell us what experience you have and why you want to be part of TabTV.

Applications close Wednesday 14th March at midnight.

Interviews will be held on Friday 16th March.