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Catz declares that it does NOT support pension cuts in statement

St Catharine’s College has released a statement to “clarify” its position on the strikes.

A statement had been issued by St Catharine's College in response to "recent media reports" which have suggested that the college is in support of the proposed USS "revaluation and forward investment strategy". They attribute this press coverage to the personal opinion expressed by "one Fellow of the College's Governing Body", but insist that this does not represent the College's stance.

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The strikes are into their third week.

The statement was careful to demonstrate that the College has "no institutional view of the acceptability" of the proposed cuts to the pension scheme, which would average at £10,000 a year per academic. St Catharine's indicated that the "College's Governing Body had yet to discuss this matter".

Despite the "diverse opinions" of the members of the Governing Body, the College's only official stance is that it welcomes "the commitment to further talks between UCU and UUK to end the current strike". Whether or not Catz is in full support of the ongoing strike action, it has taken efforts to make it clear that it does not wish to endorse the pension cuts.

Catz JCR President, Muhammed Khan, has told the Tab that the college will be discussing the matter further at the next governing body meeting.