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NOMINATE: Unsung Name of Cambridge 2018

Not to be abbreviated to UNOC.

So often, the student press in Cambridge can paint (or rather print) an ugly and, dare I say it, boring picture of our university community. Let’s not even mention how we’re portrayed nationally. If you read the biggest Tab and Varsity (TCS???) news stories over the last few years, you would quickly spot that there’s about as much variation in their main themes as a Cindies playlist. Outdated and unrepresentative Tripos courses, an overpaid vice-chancellor, elitism, a lack of racial and social diversity, a continuing problem of homelessness, poor student mental wellbeing, and gender inequality: these are just some problems which seemingly won’t go away, and so they keep being covered.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go full-on Hugh Grant at the beginning of Love Actually and tell you this is unfair. Drawing attention to problems that affect Cambridge students and the wider community is exactly what the press should do. The reason the news is often repetitive is because progress in Cambridge is slow.

But drawing attention to a problem is only the first step in actually addressing it. Someone then needs to go further and find a solution. With this in mind, the Tab is offering a mid-term antidote to our own, albeit irresistible, poison of BNOC 2018.

We want you to nominate someone who has made a positive difference to life in Cambridge, within or without the university.

This can be anything, whether they’re involved in charity, the arts, political activism, student welfare, or simply provide an inspiration to others: we’ll let you decide what making a difference means. We’ll then write a piece celebrating the unsung heroes of our community, compiling the best nominees.

Whoever you wish to nominate, simply email [email protected] outlining the following:

1) Who it is you are nominating.

2) The outstanding contribution they make to life in Cambridge.

We will contact your nominee before any further coverage to make sure they’re happy to be featured. We won’t tell them who put their name forward to spare your blushes, so nothing is stopping you from having your say and celebrating the best of the Cambridge community.