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DEPRAVED Cantab criminal may lose PhD

Matthew Falder committed unspeakable crimes

Cambridge University

C/N- Discussion of sexual violence, blackmailing, paedophilia and suicide

Cambridge University is considering stripping Dr Matthew Falder of his masters degree and PhD, which he obtained at the university.

Falder has admitted to blackmailing men, women and children into undergoing humiliating and degrading acts. He claimed to be a female artist with an interest in life drawing to manipulate victims into sending naked images of themselves to him. He used these as blackmail to force them to commit depraved acts. He set up hidden cameras to blackmail his victims further.

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He was convicted of 137 offences, some of which he committed whilst at the university.

He had contacted more than 300 potential victims and operated for eight years before he was caught. Three of his victims took their own lives due to trauma.

It was not until the National Crime Agency (NCA), alongside the Department for Homeland Security in America and spies based at GCHQ underwent an international investigation that Falder was finally apprehended. He now faces a 32 year jail sentence.

A spokesman from the university has stated that the university community is "appalled and distressed" by his actions, leading to the decision to strip his degrees. This is unprecedented action meaning the university are unsure what exactly the process will entail.