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Review: Churchill Spring Ball

A night where the drinks were surpassed only by the quality of entertainment

churchill spring ball

Churchill Spring Ball promised to transform the college- their theme was illuminate and for one night only it was made into a spectacle of decadence, entertainment and of course light. Coloured lights were inescapable and the frequency of UV light helped make the theme that more visible. The band itself had the college's name embossed in white causing it to light up under UV light, a nice touch. It's tricky to completely transform a modern college such as Churchill and the theme didn't appear to be a major aspect of the night. Nevertheless, the committee did a commendable job.

The drinks provided were varied; including jager bombs, cocktails, cava and even alcoholic milkshakes. Clear efforts were seen to provide for those who do not drink with a variety non-alcoholic alternatives being available at every drinks station.

The range of food was similarly excellent. There were crackers and cheese, cakes, Aromi, hotdogs and more. Care was given to provide vegan alternatives and there was a good mix of sweet and savoury. The chocolate fountain was a particular highlight! Sadly, the food was let down by it's quantity, with savoury food largely running out after 12pm. While this reviewer has quite the sweet tooth the lack of anything but cakes and chocolate was a disappointment for many.

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The brick walls of the college were lit up in a variety of colours for the night

Despite the importance of food and drink at a ball, Churchill shone because of it's workers. Queues were minimal throughout the night. Even getting into the ball itself didn't take long and hot chocolate and tinfoil blankets were provided to stave of the cold. Drinks and food workers were efficient and friendly, and general workers kept the ball constantly clean.

The music acts demonstrated not the talent in Cambridge, but the variety of it, with acts ranging from jazz to the Footlights. Attendees were also treated to the up and coming Zak Abel. However, music was not the only place where variety was provided.

There was a competitive laser game, which caused much hilarity when drunk and in heels, a ball pit big enough for whole groups of friends to collapse into and fight to the death, a wonderful henna artist, a silent disco with a mix of classic and contemporary tunes that left everyone happy, karaoke for people who weren't embarrassed enough by singing badly at a silent disco and the Churchill Casino where attendees were free to gamble without the risk of any consequences.

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The fun but vicious ball-pit was a highlight of the night

There was enough on to keep people busy the whole time and a mixture of activity areas and quieter spaces to sit and chat with friends. Despite the shortage of food, there was rarely a lack of things to do.

President's Jamie Howie and Arnav Rawat alongside their committee and brilliant team of workers did a fantastic job. They provided a varied and entertaining experience that kept revellers occupied throughout the night. A standard ticket was £98, around the price of a June Event, and provided much of the entertainment you could expect from a May Ball at a cheaper price.

The ball was let down by its lack of formal photo-booth and by savoury food running out early, and more attention could have been paid to decoration to make the theme really stand out. However, the night was wonderful and more than made up for these qualms through the quality of entertainment, the diligence of workers and the variety of drinks available.

4/5 stars