LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2.0

Follow updates from the teams all day as they try to get as far away from Cam as possible

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Do you want a reason to procrastinate which is not only entertaining but also CHARITABLE?? Did you want to escape Cam but have 5 essays to write and 2 reading lists to plough through? Why not live vicariously through the RAG Jailbreak teams. For more info on who’s competing, check out the teams here.

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The Tab will be liveblogging the teams’ progress throughout the day so stay tuned for updates!

Interactive map of all the teams here!

21:00 As the 36 hours of Jailbreak has ended, it is Team 21, who made it to Singapore, that wins. Their achievement is undoubtedly impressive. This year has been very successful, with other teams reaching Tel Aviv, Toronto and the Canary Islands as well. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu folks, and hopefully you’ll all be tempted to do Jailbreak next year now.

Team 21, the winners, on their way to Singapore

20:28 – Team 9 were lucky enough to meet the pilot. Not sure I would trust Mario and Luigi to fly the plane if I was a passenger though.

18:30 – Team 15 are basking in the last rays of sunshine in Lanzarote. Meanwhile, Team 16 are hitchhiking around Denmark and going dumpster diving ‘local style’. Maybe they’ll come back from Jailbreak with more than just fond memories.

We all wish this was us…

16:43 – Team 21 are now finally in Singapore. With just over 4 hours to go, it looks like they are set to have gone the furthest. Unless there is a last minute surge to beat them to their record.

16:37 – Team 20 have successfully hitchhiked from Salzburg to Vienna!

Standing in Karlsplatz

16:15 – Team 6 have had a great day in Basel, and are now off on their coach to Milan to get as far away as possible.

15:17 – Team 11 is in Edinburgh and are (somewhat disappointingly) just staying there. Team 7 is in Canary Wharf, as opposed to Canary Islands, and Team 12 have arrived in Paphos, Greece.

14:35 – Team 2 are chilling in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Loving the combo of hammocks and harem pants

13:45 – Team 20 are hitchhiking from Salzburg to Vienna, Team 16 are travelling by train even further north to Skagen in Denmark.

13:41 – Team 10 take a trip around Porta Garibaldi, whilst Team 15 are lucky to escape dreary Cambridge and are swanning around Lanzarote, “Life could be worse” they say.

Team 10 being tourists

12:10 – Team 14 have got on a flight to Tel Aviv – Israel. Meanwhile Team 18 are taking a chilly stroll through Salzburg. Weather forecast says it’s snowing an 1 degrees there.

Smiling in spite of the cold

10:51 – Update time! Get ready for this:

Team 1 and 2 are both flying to the Canary Islands.

Team 3 flew to Salzburg and got a train to Zagreb (Croatia), their final destination.

Team 4 also flew to Salzburg and are trying to get flights to Vienna. They’ve already (ambitiously) booked their return flights home from Vienna so let’s hope they make it there.

Team 5 are on their way to Paphos.

Team 6 are spending the day in Basel then getting a coach in the evening to Milan – hopefully they’ll achieve this in the 36 hours since leaving.

Team 8 has a flight booked for Lanarca (Cyprus) this morning.

Team 10 arrived in Milan at 9pm last night and are staying for the day to try and do some challenges.

Team 11 got to Glasgow at 9:20am this morning and are wondering what to do next. Go on guys, you can go further!

Team 15 have touched down n Lanzarote with a ‘hefty Ryanair bounce’.

Team 16 arrived in Aalborg in Denmark and are trying to hitchhike further north.

Team 21 has arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and are awaiting their transfer to Singapore.

Sent by Team 16 in Aalborg, it appears the Danish do not like long kisses

10:46 – Team 9 are headed off to TORONTO and have been upgraded to first class on their flights. The generosity of people does not fail to impress me. Also almost makes me wish I went on Jaibreak myself…

01:30 – Another day of Jailbreaking! Teams 2, 4, and 12 have met up at Stansted and are spending the night together.

21:31 – Team 16 are off to Denmark!

19:36 – Team 21 are going to SINGAPORE after their ticket was bought by a Transport for London employee whose daughter participated in Jailbreak before. This will mean that Team 21 will have broken last years record for furthest travelled which was Rio!

The team with their benefactor

19:00 – Team 3 were upgraded on their flight and had the pilot give them an announcement over the radio. Meanwhile, Team 2 were joined by family for fundraising. Team 12 have plane tickets to Cyprus booked.

18:43 – Team 15 seeking all the famous people today, now taking a detour to see Queen Liz. Team 5 received a generous donation of £11 from their friend in London – who only had £20 left in their bank account.

17:25 – Team 15 tweeted Andrew from Bake Off and he’s replied saying ‘he fondly remembers jailbreak’ whilst wishing them the best of luck. He’s not paying up though is he.

Thanks for the tip Andy

17:15 – Team 9 got a free pass to the London sky garden while Team 18 have just booked tickets to Salzburg. Team 10 have been bought tickets to Milan

Luigi chilling in the Sky Garden

17:01 – Team 16 are fundraising in London and making friends in a Natwest branch while Team 21 have booked tickets to Paphos and are still fundraising in London until; their flight in the morning.

mooing in Natwest

16:37 – Team 5 have given up on hitchhiking an hour in so are now going to get a train to London and book flights in the morning. Exciting stuff.

16:28 – Team 13 made it to Girton via leapfrog, or so I’ve been toad.

16:06 – Team 1 have sent us this picture with the caption “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Interpret that how you will.

Tom Cruise would be proud

15:41 – Team 10 have been interviewed for Series 4 of the ITV documentary, ‘Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport.” Who knew RAG would lead to such fame and fortune

15:35 – Team 20 in London but still can’t escape Cambridge some how

A pub with Cambridge in its name – seems about right

15.30 – Team 15 are heading to Lanzarote!

15.20 – Team 3 have just booked flights to Salzburg! That’s in Austria – I just had to google it.

15.19– Team 10 fundraising at Heathrow. Try saying “anywhere” when someone gives you a free one-way flight to Pyongyang.

15.09– Hello again. In the last hour Team 3 have booked tickets to Salzburg, and are planning on fundraising in the airport for the next few hours. Even more ambitiously, Team 5 resorted to asking CUSU for money and indeed succeeded!

14.13– Am I the only one who has wondered about what Welwyn Garden City really is, other than another seemingly unnecessary stop on the way to London? Well, team 6 are about to find out as they hitchhike there, admittedly only in the hope of reaching London.

14.11– BIG NEWS: Team 6 are leaving the country. The story goes that after a Spanish gentleman had laughed at one of the members’ potato outfit, he was overcome by guilt. As an apology he has bought the team tickets to Basel in Switzerland. Yet another example of Cambridge students benefiting from European co-operation and cordiality. What will Jailbreak do post-Brexit?

Lovely, simply lovely.

14.06– Team 15 are “lost in a shopping centre looking for spoons”. We cordially remind them that this is RAG Jailbreak, not RAG lost. Meanwhile Team 16 are on their way to Heathrow. More details on that soon.

13.52– Team 1 are fundraising at London Liverpool Street, presumably after saving their pennies on the slow train from Cambridge. They’re going to need bigger propellers than the ones on those hats if they’re to win this year.

13:01 – Team 2 appears to be confused and regressed back to Parker’s Piece, the start point

12:46 – CRAB ALERT! Team 17, a.k.a. CRAVOCADO are on King’s Parade. Apparently they’ve contacted Boris Johnson for sponsorship. Maybe he can get them abroad, he is Foreign Secretary after all…

12:37 – Team 6 follows suit to Stansted, doing script coverage (??) to raise money along the way.

12:18 – Team 3 off to Stansted!

11:57 – Team 2 are getting DARING. To give them some dares comment on their FB post and circle/paypal the money to [email protected].

Eating a raw egg is only £3???

11:44 – Team 13 have leapfrogged to the centre of town, but Team 14 have raced on ahead and are already at Heathrow

Here is the Cambridge student escaped from the bubble… How will they survive?

11:28 – Team 13 have leapfrogged to Downing whilst Team 4 are busking in town

I’m green with envy

11:13 – Team 2 are selling doughnuts and satsumas outside Downing – what a combo.

10:43 – Team 3 visits RAG HQ at the Union as they sell brownies in an attempt to raise money

Team 3 making that brownie money

10:21 – Team 10 have managed to board a train to London after raising £40.

10am – Team 21 have already managed to raise £100 and are on a train to London. Team 14 have managed to hop on a free train to Heathrow.

9am – And they’re off! The teams begin RAG Jailbreak

Hop to it