How to dress like you have your life together

Sometimes appearance does matter

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After an entire month back home, full of good food and warm temperatures (I'm Italian, I know what I'm talking about), far away from the Cambridge blues, coming back to dusty libraries and deadlines (AKA real life) has been my worst nightmare. As term gets into the swing of things, you may find that your clothes are also saying something about you. Looking put together can be easily accomplished by following some basic rules. Any ideas? No? No worries. We've got you covered. Here are some tips to dress like you've got everything under control.

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Acne Studios Mock Leather Biker Jacket – Re/Done Originals Grunge high-rise straight-leg distressed jeans – Beatrice Turtleneck

Black is my happy colour

Is there a more classy colour than black? I believe not. As everyone knows, black goes with everything, it makes everyone look good. Sticking with one colour could also help you get dressed faster in the morning. If you're not feeling a black outfit, I would suggest experimenting with neutral colours like beige, white and grey. There's only one rule: be careful with textures and fabrics.

Rock that blazer

A blazer is a masterpiece. If you are over 20 years old and you don't own a blazer, go and buy one NOW. It might seem a little bit formal, but wit can easily be made casual. Wearing a blazer with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers is the best way to elevate your style, keep it cool and look as though you are the real boss of your life.

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River Island black check longline boyfriend blazer – Zara flowy double-breasted jacket

Wear a watch

Okay, you don't need to wear a watch to know what time it is. We all have our phones and laptops. But is there anything in the world that makes you feel more like you are a real grown-up person? Welcome to adulthood and responsibilities, my friends. Look for an affordable choice with either a metal or leather strap. Plastic watches are not allowed, thank you.


A cool, bold pair of glasses is the easiest way to create a signature look. Find the shape you are most comfortable with and add it to your style, try to express your personality and your creativity. Dress to impress, right? And, of course, don't forget about your sunnies. They can save your life trying to hide your wildest hangovers after the Cindies/bops/whatever hysteria.

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Daniel Wellington Classic Collection watch – Miu Miu Cat-Eye glasses – Gucci Black Round Frame Acetate sunglasses

Be prepared

Choose your outfit in good time. I know, this might sound a little bit dramatic. How is it even possible to leave time to choose my outfit when I have basically zero time to eat?! I feel you, I really do. I would also prefer saving my energy wearing the first thing I find in the morning, but this is the only thing that can actually set you free from feeling rubbish. Spare just five minutes of your time and I can assure you, it will make a huge difference. Remember: there's a thin line between hot and hot mess.

Self-confidence is the best outfit

Even if you're feeling horrible and you're dying to look less miserable on the outside, you should remember only one thing: be confident. There's no beauty/fashion tricks that can work better than really believing "I've got this". Wear your best smile and keep it classy. As the steamiest of doctors Mark Sloan (Grey's Anatomy folks, please go educate yourself) teaches us, "You fought. You loved. You lost. Walk tall".

After all, we are in Cambridge for a reason.