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Students support Picturehouse strike

Cambridge rallied to support workers demanding the living wage

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At midday today, students from the University of Cambridge rallied together with workers from Cambridge Arts Picturehouse to demand living wage and union recognition for workers.

The cinema is owned by Cineworld and part of the same group as Brixton Ritzy and Picturehouses in Crouch End, Central London, East Dulwich and Hackney. The workers at these London cinemas are resuming a 'strike campaign in support of their demands for a living wage and union recognition.'

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Students rallied to support workers demands for living wage and union recognition

The strike was intended to be 13 days and 'symbolic rather than all-out disruptive' according to a worker at the Hackney Picturehouse. However, following warnings that partial missing of shifts would result in no payment from the shift, the workers changed their plan. They held strikes on Saturday and Sunday but called off further stoppages. This move comes after a 16 month long dispute over pay and union recognition.

To support these workers, students from Cambridge held a protest outside the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge. It is in the same group and owned by the same parent company as the striking London cinemas.

Rebecca Guthrie, co-president of the Cambridge Film Association (CFA) told The Tab, 'As fans of cinema, the CFA stands with the striking Picturehouse workers and supports them in their demand for a London living wage'.