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D. Trump goes to Cambridge?

The man himself has been found in Clare

President Donald Trump's first year in office has been filled with scandal, outrage, and recently, the first federal government shutdown in years. Yet, the most shocking piece of news this week is not the irreconcilible partisanship in the Senate, but rumours that the President himself is enrolled in Clare College.

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Incontrovertible evidence that there is a Trump attending Clare

It has recently been uncovered that a 'D. Trump' is living in the Clare College S staircase. Although the identity of this individual is yet to be confirmed as the President, it has sparked immense speculation across Cambridge. Is the former Apprentice star secretly studying the HSPS politics modules to gain some qualifications for his role? We can only hope.

Despite the long commute between the White House and the Sidgwick Site, this would not be unusual for Mr Trump who regularly uses Air Force One to travel between his various resorts and Washington DC. Moreover, with the recent three days of government shutdown, he has had the perfect excuse to escape to Cambridge for a supervision or two. It has been suggested that Trump cancelled his state visit to the UK due to fears of the media uncovering his ongoing and secret presence in Cambridge.

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The President's finely honed debating skills would come in handy in a group supervision

As of yet, neither Clare College nor the White House has made a statement on these rumours. Though, we expect Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be commenting on this scandal in due course. Follow the story here on The Tab. Should you have any information regarding Mr Trump's Cambridge education, contact [email protected] Keep your eye out for the that blond hair on Trumptington Street.