Cambridge University Trolls Donald Trump

‘Nuf said

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Donald Trump is no stranger to disparaging remarks on social media – and not just dishing them out.

This past week alone, the trigger-happy President has received enough barbs to fortify a border wall.

And yet, only if Mike Pence popped up at a ‘Stand Up To Trump’ rally or Ivanka on The Jerry Springer Show could this latest criticism have come from a more unexpected source.

Yes, we’re talking about The University of Cambridge. Bigly.

The catalyst was when Dr. Steven F. Lee, a science fellow at Sidney Sussex, took to Twitter to note that while Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs both described themselves as “not as genius”, Donald Trump has boasted that he is “a very stable genius”.

The kicker was when the official Cambridge University account quoted this observation, captioning their tweet: “‘Nuf said.”

Now, given his title of “experimental biophysical chemist” somehow manages to cover all three main branches of natural science, Dr. Lee probably knows a couple of things about intelligence.

After the comment was picked up by ABC News reporter James Longman later on Monday afternoon, however, Cambridge backtracked. The tweet in question was swiftly removed.

“This was tweeted by mistake by a member of staff so has now been deleted, (the tweet, not the member of staff),” they explained.

Maybe this “mistake” was a classic case of a company employee tweeting from their work account instead of their personal one. Perhaps it was a momentary lapse in judgement.

None of that will do anything to dampen speculation, though, that someone high up in the Cambridge communications department was attempting to out-troll Trump.

As Longman remarked after the spectacular exchange, “There have been many firsts for Trump’s presidency. Being trolled by Cambridge University is now added to the list.”

Your turn, Mr. President?