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Forgot to check in on LOST this Saturday? Fear not – we ran a live blog on the day, so have a look below to see the best bits from the madness that was LOST.

The teams started off at the Attenborough Nature Reserve, in Nottingham, and had to race to get all the way back to RAG HQ in Cambridge, all in the name of charity and the no less noble cause of beating Oxford.

Plane rides, tattoos, radio interviews – we collected the highlights to let you know just how crazy LOST was this year.

Remember to donate here, in support of your pals who braved the British winter for the sake of altruism. Fundraising is still open and will stay that way until November 22nd, so head to the fundraising site to make a difference and support the teams who made the day so fantastic.


Team 21 have made it home – at 4:15pm on Sunday – and are the final team to make it back to Cambridge, checking in at RAG's unofficial HQ, Ed's. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, LOST 2017 is officially over!

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The sun's up and Team 27 have just signed in back in Cambridge – with just 20 minutes to spare before the 24-hour limit elapses!

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By the skin of their teeth


It's half past three in the morning and Team 18 are doing yoga on a bridge. Or at least, they tell us it's yoga…

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As you can probably guess, they spent all evening at the pub


Teams 21 and 27 are in London and, with transport stopping for the night, only tomorrow will tell whether or not they get home in one piece.


Team 3 have made it back to Cambridge, but they've got their priorities sorted out – first stop: Fez.


Team 34 are almost home, but first: one important stop. They know where the hype is at.

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To Life, to Life, l'chaim!


Team 6 are the latest in a slew of teams to complete the crowd-pleasing "deliver a baby" challenge – and in the most creative way we've seen yet.

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*claps slowly*


BREAKING: Team 14 have been arrested. Or not – they're just completing a challenge. Right guys? Right?

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woop woop that's tha sound of tha police


Team 16, meanwhile, have taken a well-deserved trip to Cindies.

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Sober Cindies: the best thing since Empty Life


It's past 10pm and team 27 are stranded at a service station just south of Birmingham. Not to fear though – they've got an absolute whopper of a sign.

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On the back it just says "HELP"


Team 24 have managed to find the one method of transport that isn't in the challenge booklet – caravan.


Team 8 have arrived back home after using Tinder matches to get lifts.

Tinder pulls through once again


Love is in the air for team 30, as this college couple renew their vows atop Orgasm Bridge.

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Now if that ain't the cutest damn thing we've seen all day


Team 16 have also got a PERMANENT tattoo for LOST – that's two (and counting?) from our teams today.

Dumbo eat your heart out


This enlightening conversation team 34 had with a priest really explores the mysteries of the city of Nottingham


And the one, the only UNION JONAH (with radio star and all-round hero Anna) has given us the quote straight from the rower’s mouth- ‘it’s amazing how much you can get done when you get up early..’ or you can just get up at 5 to shepherd some oddly stressed Cantabs off to Nottingham and eat junk food and watch Thomas the tank engine vines all day like we’re all doing rn lol

A face of pure delight


Team 13 at it again: Love Island’s Chris Hughes has tweeted endorsing RAG Lost and Anna and Jonah’s team!

Anyone down for RAG Island 2k18?


The Lost Catz are home safely! Congrats to this group of absolute stars (see what we did there?)

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Still smiling – so that's a good sign


As promised: a baby, delivered.

Technically right, which is the best kind of right


Space heroes have not only been the 5TH TEAM TO ARRIVE… but they’ve also delivered a baby! Picture to come…



Team 1 have just arrived back in Cam after hitchhiking in 5 cars and walking up the M1 #hitchhikelife

Took the scenic route


Team 19 are almost home, and are completing the final stretch in the most stylish way possible.

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Not pictured: Izzy, flat on her back, 5 seconds later


Each team was given a list challenges worth different points ranging from 10 to 100. Team 37 is currently winning on the challenges front, with 1120 points, putting them in the lead so far. Anything could happen though, so stay tuned!


Our teams are almost 9 hours into LOST, here are their whereabouts as of this very moment.

Inspirational work from team 12


Team 37 have bumped into their doppelgängers – hopefully they too can make it back to Andy

Meanwhile, fundraising soars to infinity and beyond


Team 4 have made it back to Cam, making them the third team to make it back to base – well done!

Didn't even break a sweat


Team 30 have decided how they're getting home: canal boat. Might take a while…

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Worth it for the gram tho right


Team 37 #brumbruming to Cam rn but have reported that a fight has just broken out on the train – dw kids, everyone is safe thooo


LOST has hit the £9000 fundraising mark so well done everyone! Keep donating by clicking this link!


Team 8 (the Lost Wolves) have inked up – yes boys and girls, that is a PERMANENT tattoo! #shewolf

This wasn't even one of the challenges


It’s quarter past 5 and, inspired by team 29, we here at HQ are getting ready for Turf pres #brumisthenewedge


Team 29 are still using last year's route and are on the coach to Birmingham #brumbrum


Team 36 have flown in on the wings of glory back to HQ in second place – well done kidzzz

Missing those essay deadlines, am I right guys


Team 27 channelling some Avril on this lovely autmnal Saturday

He was a skaterboi


Josh from Team 7 blue us away with his new en-route do #fromrag2fab

Blue is the warmest colour


It’s all avocaGO at HQ – pitta is hot off the press.

Don't be bitta, have some pitta!


Rumours have been confirmed- one of the lovely Team 18 is getting a tattoo! Direct quote- ‘we’ll update u when the magic is complete (winky face emoji)’


All quiet in the office atm.. but look what Emma’s found on MEMEBRIDGE!!! Can’t ever say The Tab isn’t relevant guys xxx

Checking our live blog with a good cup o jo hehehe


BREAKING: police incident leads to arrest of Team 8 – or maybe they're just completing challenges.


A little birdy has told us that LOST teams are getting permanent tattoos for one of their challenges #dedication #more dedicated than I’d ever be to my degree


Team 15 are committing to the LOST cause, with piercings for both Ioana and Pia!


This year's hardest challenge is "deliver a baby". Team 37 just sent us this:


Blimey, astronomic team 20 has landed from OUTER SPACE (a.k.a nottingham)! First team back congratz guyssss

Beam me down to Cam, Scotty


Team 6, the LOST Jedi, bring us this heartfelt piece of original poetry straight from Nottingham:


Team 19 have found some fellow Cantabs, who were visiting Nottingham, and are now in a car on the way back to Cambridge. #Cantabsolidarity.


Team 23 have delved below the Earth's surface, and gone into Nottingham's cave system.

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Might be a bit too dark to tell, but rest assured – they're wearing helmets


Team 32 have just got a National Express coach, for free, to Milton Keynes. Enjoy that 77 mile Coach Journey!


Team 35 have just contacted RAG asking a hypothetical “how many points we will win if I get married?”. SPICY. RAG, in response, have stated that they are not liable for the divorce and annulment fees. How pessimistic.


Fresh from the wedding, Team 11's Anna has completed challenge 47; a puntastic task visiting Doughnotts. Har har…

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Please dough nott laugh at this pun


Team 11 have crashed a wedding – here's Robert in the official photo!

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One of these things is not like the others


#Trollied. Team 16 have just completed challenge 30. Looks like some people are getting a little CARRIED AWAY.


So, it turns out Team 17's Tisha has the voice of an angel. Fitting, given she's in a cathedral


Here’s a heart-warming snap of an Oxford-Cambridge shirt swap on the one day a year when The Tab support inter-university friendship.

Pulling together for the greater good



*In pictorial form. Just days after David Attenborough was spotted in his natural environment of Clare College, Cambridge, here he is with Team 35’s Chewbacca.

Here, we see the wookie in his natural habitat…


Team 9 have taken the phrase "escape the bubble" at face value and completed an escape room!

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Cambridge students heading home after Sunday Life (2017, colourised)

Teams 12 and 35 have completed the "find your doppelganger" challenge – here's a pair of Princess Leias!

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Made us do a double-take


BOTTLED IT: Team 10 have completed challenge 92! For those of you who haven’t spent your Saturday morning reading up on the challenges, that means they’ve helped a stranger bag their shopping. The charity doesn’t stop.

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That's the smile that comes with doing a good deed


BREAKING: Team 22's Harry has achieved the unthinkable, and managed to get a Starbucks barista to get his name right. What a time to be alive!!

Good old cuppa H20


Eduroam suddenly cut out, and all of a spudden we’ve had an influx of pictures with people holding potatoes. Looks like Team 3 are getting off to a good starch…

Aeroplanes and potatoes – them's our specialties


Team 6 are really taking English Lit analysis liberties to a new level. Here’s Jamie ‘completing’ challenge 53 – "find something with your name on it"… High 2.1 for effort.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When Nottingham's Council House bell rings, bust out some filthy dance moves. Good job, Team 37.


It's barely past midday and already a SECOND team has made it on the radio! Here's team 3 talking about LOST:


Team 2 have fulfilled every 16-year-old Surrey girl’s date dream by playing a game of mini golf.

Picture taken directly before a hole-in-one


BREAKING: Team 22's Cristina has DYED!

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…her hair. Che emozione!


Team 15 have taken to the stage! Here they are in front of their (admittedly not huge) audience.

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I was meant for the stage…


We had to share this almost professional photoshoot, brought to you by team 33 from Nottingham's main square.

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LOST: cover photo generator


Team 29, meanwhile, have stopped for a quick haircut.

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Hope things don't get too hairy


BREAKING: It's not even lunchtime and already Team 17, comprised of teammates Charlie and Tisha, have managed to wheedle their way onto a plane and take flight. That’s obi-wan for the photo album…


You've heard of "Man's Not Hot", but have you heard the latest grime track from Big Shaq (aka Team 7's Josh Cudby)? Well, here you are – and be careful, these bars are FIRE.


Nottingham's main square has scene it's first piece of amateur dramatics, with team 28 acting out this carefully choreographed scene from the Lion King:


BREAKING: Team 13's Jonah Surkes, renowned BNOC and Union President elect, has featured with brave teammate Anna Jennings on the airwaves of Nottingham Radio, to promote RAG LOST (and sing Old McDonald had a farm – with animal noises).

Check out the interview here (around the 2:15:15 mark).

Such a big deal that the RAG team even set up a personal hotspot on the coach back just to listen to their dulcet tones.

With an oink oink here…


Team 25 have made it to Notts and are considering inventive ways of getting home…

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Good luck with that one


Team 33 have been sighted in a car park in Nottingham. Bonus points if this is how they arrive home…


We’re right here with the RAG LOST officers, Liam and Emma, in the illustrious and very #profesh venue that is Caffe Nero. They’ll be giving us exclusive updates before anyone else – stay tuned for all the spicy deets.


Behold! All these young whippersnappers have been sent on their merry way from the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham. May the odds be ever in your favour, young Cantabs.