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The Tab’s Best Dressed

Who is still managing to nail it despite their week 5 exhaustion?

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It's week 5 people. Are you feeling it yet? I certainly am. The sleep deprivation is real. However, these Cantabs are still keeping it together and looking fabulous in the process. Special recognition points that again this was largely compiled pre a 9am on a Thursday…please tell me who isn't completely exhausted by this point in the week?!

Neena, Kings, 2nd year, studying MML

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Turtle neck, trench coat, flared jeans, patent boots – every item is perf <3

James (left) and Guillermo (right), Law freshers, Peterhouse

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Looking fab + 10 mins early for a 9am = winning at life

Faye, Christ's, 1st year, studying MML

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What a fab pair of trousers

Isabelle, Homerton, 2nd year, studying English

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Winter = time to whip out them tights

Ada, 2nd year, studying HSPS

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Double denim is definitely not to be avoided

Esme and Miles, 1st year lawyers

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Law fac aesthetic on point

Laura, 3rd year, Medwards, studying English

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The power of pastels

Thank you to everyone who agreed to have their picture taken! There were a lot of harsh rejections this week #tabwritersarehumantoo.