Cambridge University advertises for full-time sexual assault and harassment adviser

It’s the first position of its kind at a British university

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The University of Cambridge is the first university in the UK to advertise for a full-time sexual assault and harassment adviser.

According to the advert on the University website, the brand new job will involve ‘individual work with students’ and ‘designing and running workshops’. They will also have to work with the police and Cambridge Rape Crisis to ‘bolster the advice available to students’ with ‘specialist emotional and practical support.’

The announcement comes amid increasing pressure from the National Union of Students for universities to address how they deal with the harassment and assault of students.

The job offers a salary of up to £37,000 a year

The job offers a salary of up to £37,000 a year

A 2014 study by Cambridge University Students’ Union found that 77% of respondents had experienced sexual harassment, including ‘wolf whistling’ and unwanted ‘groping, pinching or touching.’

The survey also showed that 28.5% of respondents had experienced sexual assault. 96.3% of the time it was not reported.

Only this June, Cambridge footballers were punished by Jesus College for chanting about rape and sexual assault.

A spokesman for the University stated it is ‘continuously and actively working to improve the prevention, response, support and investigation of all instances of harassment, hate crime and sexual assault.’

Meanwhile, an NUS spokeswoman welcomed ‘the opportunity this guidance presents’ and said they will ‘continue to work with students’ unions to end sexual harassment, violence and hate crime.’